Thursday, January 31, 2008

Account of my birthday

First of all, I'd like to show you a picture of the side of our house, so you can get an idea. This side will have an open deck on it when we are finished with constuction. Now LOOKIE WHAT HUBBY BUILT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!
It's a replica of our new house, complete with the very same siding stain, the very same tin roof, and rough ceder porch posts!
He even painted all the windows and doors! But wait...what's that cut-out space at the base? And that space on the side wall too?
Why, it's a huge birdfeeder!!!! Oh, Hubby just couldn't know me any better! I am so tickled and pleased with this's the BEST! And so is Hubby!

So, for my birthday, Hubby had to work (which he couldn't help even though he tried to be off that day.) So daughter and I went to town to drop off library books and borrow some dvd's from there (2 more western's and this time I got The Little Princess for nostalgia's sake.) Then we ate at a local restaurant that has the BEST breakfast gravy and cinnamon fried apples...yum.

Next, we drove to the bulk food store to get our whole-wheat spaghetti, some homemade bread, and sorgham. Then we went to the cheese store and bought 2 blocks of cheddar, 1 block of swiss, and a jar of mild salsa. On the way home we stopped at our old house to pick up some old paperwork and blankets that need to be washed and put away, plus my soap-making supplies so that I can make a batch of shaving soap.

We arrived back home and got "purty" for town and took it easy until Hubby and son got home too. Then we went to Cracker Barrel for supper. I was very good in my eating, setting half of the dinner to the side of my plate and bringing it home for another meal the next day (today, that is!) I had chocolate cobbler for my dessert, opting for a one-time dessert indulgence instead of having a large cake at the house to tempt me for the whole week!

Daughter made me a card, personal and very funny. I got phone calls from my dad, my mom, and my sister, two homemade cards from my nieces, an e-card from my sister-in-law, and an email from my school friend. It was a wonderful day and I treasure the memory of it!

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Cat said...

Happy...Happy Birthday! I love the feeder! To me...those are the best kind of gifts!

I am late late late wishing you Happy Birthday but I have something for you when you get here on Thursday! :O)

xoxoxo Cat