Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby shower

This past Saturday, I attended a baby shower for my cousin's 3rd child, their first girl! Everyone is very excited for them. Above is a picture of the baby shower cake that my step-mom made for them. The bottom layer was white cake and the chocolate layer was...chocolate. I had a piece and it satisfied my chocolate craving for the week. So yummy!

I won a Home Interior "Coffee Cake" candle for tearing off the exact amount of toilet paper that it would take to wrap around the expectant mommy's belly...only 10 sheets! She's so tiny and doesn't have a bit of weight on her that isn't the baby it seems. I tied with my sister but won after picking a number between 1-15. I told her I would give the gift to her if she wanted it, but she already has a coffee candle so it all turned out cat fight. LOL!

Update: Our date night stretched into the whole weekend. Both the kids had other things to do, so Hubby and I found ourselves alone together nearly the whole time! The first night was spent in town: ate at Bob Evans, visited Lowe's then Wal-Mart, came home and made brownies and watch "The Last Legion" about the history of the sword Excaliber (not true, of course). The story line was decent, but the directing was terrible. I wouldn't suggest it.

The next day (Sat.), we slept in then went to town to pay our vehicles taxes and ate breakfast at the same restaurant that we used to visit when we were courting. Then we came home and took a nap! I got ready for the baby shower and Hubby worked on the shower and also started making my birthday present! He won't let me go into the master bathroom where it is. I wonder what it could be?

And he sucessfully hid the bathroom scales from me.

That night, we watched Jackie Chan in "Rob-B-Hood". It was kinda hard to watch at first, a bit choppy...but then the BABY showed up! That is one of the cutest little babies in the movies I've ever seen. And there is one scene that had Hubby and myself laughing so hard we were almost in tears. It has plenty of martial arts action and a good story line. I would suggest it. I believe it to be very family-friendly unless you abhor martial arts scenes.

Sunday, we were able to watch "Mr. Bean's Holiday". It is very family-friendly for the most part; (the boy says the D-word a couple of times in French.) Except for the ending (which was just a little cheesy), it was an excellent movie: very beautiful scenes and very good story line plus excellent acting by the characters. I would definitely recommend it.

This is enough for the blog today. I have nearly the whole day to myself and I'm determined to make the most of it! Daughter has spent the weekend at her Grandpa's house which is a rare treat for them all. Hubby: remember to pick her up after work today!

Love to you all. May your day be blessed beyond your expectations.

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