Thursday, January 24, 2008

Embracing change

photo taken by daughter on a warm day about a month agophoto of today, through the dining room door (which is why the picture is dark. Hey, you'd stay in too if you could!)

We wish for snow. We get snow. We wish there were more of it so we could play in it. I think back to my cousin's new husband (early 90's era) who was a native Hawaiian. Less snow than this and he scraped every bit he could into a tiny snowman. That has always stuck in my mind.

I think I will enjoy the snow flying by the window. I'll pretend I'm in a little house in the middle of a snowglobe. It's just so pretty right now.

Blue skies and warm days will be back before I'm ready, no doubt. In the heat of summer, I'll wish for snow again. I'll wish for a day just like this and have to remind myself to appreciate the warm sun and the abundant growing things.

I thought I'd update on my monthly goals. (See sidebar)

My weight is slowly coming off. The scales bounce up and down according to so many things so I try not to check it too often, but I'm confident that I'm 3 lbs. lighter and will make my goal by the end of the month. How?

Hubby and I both cut out the drinking of sodas this month. For me, it was a caffeine addiction that took it's toll about a week ago: headache, so tired, aching body. I could've sworn I had the flu, but my brain kept telling me, "drink a Mountain Dew and you'll feel better." That's how I knew I could finally beat the addiction. I promised to get through it and to never put myself through caffeine withdrawal again! I can't even imagine how had it would be to quit smoking or hard drugs. I was useless for almost a week. I began by drinking decaf tea with meals and sometimes water in between. And I drink milk. Now, three weeks later, I think tea is too sweet and prefer milk or water with meals and drink water throughout the day.

We promised not to "diet" because that just makes us want junk food. We have slowly discovered we prefer a salad to just about anything. I bet we've eaten more salads this month than all last year. And I've even started exercising this week...dancing mostly and free weights, 5-pounders. I haven't gotten an exercise schedule down, but I'm discovering that I have started to feel a bit better. And hubby hugged me the other day and said, "you've really lost weight." That just made my day.

So, on the subject of exercise and caring for yourself, I was thinking (while doing crunches)...Why don't I look at it as part of the housework. I want to take care of the family and home as part of my "duties" and I want my hubby to be proud of what I do (whether it's 6 loads of laundry in one day or an amazing supper). Don't I want him to be proud of how I look too? Well, YEAH! Duh. So...what have I been doing to get that recognition from him? Have I been taking care of MYSELF, my body, my health, my appearance? Ummmm.....nnoooo...

So, I've gotta fix that! I need to keep that in my mind. I need to write myself a note of something. Maybe on my daily schedule. If you want clean laundry: sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away, and keep it from getting wrinkled or dirty carelessly. If you want a healthy figure: exercise, drink water, eat healthy, and stay away from that soda and bad-for-you junk! Duh.

O-kay, so the rest of my goals.

Well, I haven't been doing too well on the face washing. I have been doing it more frequently than I did before, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. I'll keep working on that one.

I've been a bad girl on helping on the house. I haven't done anything like I should. I could blame the cold weather. I could blame it on caffeine withdrawal. I won't. I've been bad. It will probably be a last ditch effort next week to get it done before the end of the month.

Garden seeds may not be ordered this month. I've only gotten ONE seed catalog this month, one mushroom catalog, and one organic garden solutions catalog (for bugs and such). Waaaaa......

I have had several garden ideas though. I have to talk it over with hubby first, but I'm seeing a Lord of the Rings type theme in my mind, either fashioned after the Hobbits or the Elves. Wouldn't that be fun!

On the geneology packet for my cousin: I'm determined to copy the family origin papers just as soon as I post this blog-post.

Well, that's it for the update. All in all, the monthly goals have been better for me than yearly resolutions. It sets a real time-line for me and breaks it up into do-able chunks. I'm feeling pretty good about it all.

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