Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Laundry Room

Over at The Savvy Organizer there has been a series of discussions on laundry and the organization of the laundry room, so I thought I'd post my own. Since we have built our own home, I was able to design the floor plans. This allowed me to consider what I wanted in a laundry room while also streamlining the home plan. I wanted this:

1) To have the washer and dryer next to the main bathroom for convenience to the clothes hamper.

2) To have a utility sink in which to soak or handwash items.

3) To contain the dirt that comes into the house very close to the door. Perhaps have the laundry room connect the entry door and the bathroom so muddy people could get straight to the sink or the bathroom. This will also allow muddy items to be put into the wash straight away.

4) To have a bright and cheerful place to do the laundry.

What I now have is basically an all-purpose mudroom! The main entry to the house is this room which connects directly to the main bathroom and to the kitchen so bringing in the groceries doesn't require repeat trips around the house with dirty shoes. And we tiled the floors for easy clean-up. Or I should say, HUBBY tiled the floors!

This also doubles as the cat room, where they are fed and have the litter box.

First of all, I knew I wanted a beautiful place to do laundry. So, I picked a purple color for the walls, purple being my favorite.

This picture was taken from the kitchen. On the left you can see the utility sink and large water heater. Then the dryer and washer with a shelf over them. The basket on the shelf is for clean work gloves. There is a little trashcan on top of the litter box to put my dryer lint into.

On the right is a homemade ironing board that had been my mother-in-law's. I recovered it when we moved here. (The iron is behind the bleach.) I use the ironing board mostly as a folding table. On the wall above the ironing board is a coat/hat hook that I use for hanging up clothes right out of the dryer. The clothes-pin bag hanging on it was my grandmother's, made from an old pillow cover (I have the other pillow that matches it too!)

The painting above the shelf was done by my grandmother also. It is of an old barn and a pond with trees in bloom.

The little basket on the ironing board is to catch Hubby's keys, cellphone, and loose change, and for mailing letters. He sees the letters as he is grabbing his keys in the morning and can take them to the mailbox for me! You can't see it, but the door to the porch is immediately to the right of the ironing board.

As you can see (and hopefully not judge) we still do not have the window and door trim up yet. When we get that up, we will also put a piece of wood trim behind the entry door wall for hanging up coats and hats.

My goal was to make this room both functional and pretty. Even if you have a basement laundry area, you can paint a cheerful color (after all, YOU are the one usually in there so no one will object to your personal preferences.) Don't be afraid to add decorative, cheerful touches. This is a room in your house! Don't treat it like a storage shed for clothes. Make it a place you enjoy instead of a corner in the dungeon! Add light! Pretty wall lamps will double as light and charm. Hang a pretty print on the wall. So what if you may be the only one to see it. Feed your spirit, perhaps hang plaques that have inspiritional verses on them. Get creative!
Now here's a peek at the other corner. This is directly across from the laundry room/porch entry door. Hubby made this trophy case/bookshelf when he was in high school. It fit perfectly into this space. The doors are currently off of it, but Hubby plans to put tin in the doors to make it look like a large pie safe. That's a project for after the house is completed. My pantry looks rather bare at the moment. Hmmm....time to make a list!

Least we forget how blessed all of us are: Above is a picture from the front porch. See the large cloud of smoke? Hubby had picked up daughter and was on the way home when she called to see if I could see the smoke from the farm. They passed a home burning in a town about 15 miles (as the crow flies) from us. No matter how good we have it or how dissatisfied we may be with our homes, just one instance could put it all into perspective. Be thankful we have homes and pray for the family that woke up this gray and rainy morning without one.


Marci said...

I love your laundry room. Purple is not my color, but hey, I would paint mine blue... with blue gingham somewhere. =) You did a great job. That hot water heater is HUGE!!!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Yes, if you move you'll have to paint your laundry room blue & add gingham! (I've been secretly hoping you find a lovely farm on the KY/TN line ;0)

The hot water heater was at the urging of my sister who has the same large tub as we put in our bedroom. She says that it's the only way to have enough hot water for it. It retrospect, we would probably put in a small one and just heat water on the stove - no more than we'll be using the tub!