Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Someone in this house has gotten older...

Someone in this house had a birthday recently. I won't tell you who.

They didn't want a traditional birthday cake. Instead, I made one of our favorite desserts. It has a funny name. Recipe is below.

For this person's milestone birthday, I pulled a little surprise. I emailed or called the family and friends of this person about 2 weeks ahead of time, and asked them to send me a letter for the birthday boy. (Gee, I guess I just gave it away.)

(We both have a birthday this month, so we made a promise not to buy presents, but to go out on a date instead. I didn't have to buy this gift!)

In these letters, I asked that they tell him just how much he means to them, why they appreciate him, or why they respect him. Or they could just write down stories that they remember about him from when he was younger.

I spent the two days before his birthday, running around to collect letters. I received around 12 of them, including from son, daughter, and myself. Some sent birthday cards. I put those (8 of them) in the inner pocket.

After having gathered them, I placed them in a 1-inch, 3-ring binder, using clear sheet protectors. I decorated the front and back for his birthday. We presented this to him after his favorite home-cooked meal.
Along with the birthday binder, I placed all of his old family snapshots that he inheirted about 2 years ago, into photo albums. It took two albums and three days to do it.

I already had the things to make his gift around the house. All it took was thought and time.

He says it's the best birthday gift he's ever received. His eyes got moist more than once as he read through them.

Now, for the recipe. It is known as "Better-Than-Sex-Cake", but Betty Crocker has taken the recipe and called it "Better-Than-Anything-Cake." I noticed that Pillsbury has taken it and named it "Chocolate-Caramel Wow." No matter what you call it, it's good. It's always a hit at gatherings.


Make a German-Chocolate cake (either from mix or from scratch) in a 9x13 pan

Remove from oven and allow to cool (leave in pan)

Poke hole in cake with something (wooden spoon handle, fork, or cut serving-sized lines in cake)
Pour 1 can of sweetened condensed milk over cake

Pour 1 bottle of caramel topping over cake (approx. 20 oz or so)

Allow to soak in (overnight if possible)

Top with whipped topping, extra caramel, and sprinkles of toffee candy (like crushed Heath candy bar)

This dessert just keeps gettting better the longer it soaks in all that rich syrupy goodness.

I have been very tempted to just crumble up the whole cake in the pan instead of just poking holes in it before topping it. That would allow it to fully soak everything up, but it would look kinda, well....gross. But it would still taste good!

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Anonymous said...

This was the best present I have ever received, the thought of my wonderful wife, and the persons who were a part of it was the gift. They made a mistake on the cake though, it should say 30.