Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What could it be?

Hubby has finished making my birthday gift. What could it be?

I did see him with a can of wood stain and a measuring square. He had to go outside to do some of it. He was able to take it to work and do some of it (which means it can't be all that large.) He asked me what our street number was. (Was he trying to throw me off, though? I have wanted a house sign for the driveway for those poor souls who are sure they are lost by the time they get to our house.)

He always blames me for being tricky and finding out what my gifts are well before I get them, but I've been a good girl this year. What does he do? He asks me two days ago if I wanted to know what my gift is (...just like he was dying to tell me.) Then last night he offers to let me see it early! (In my best Eliza Dolittle voice - "I'm a good girl, I am!) I declined.

I guess I'll post a picture tomorrow unless I'm exhausted from this evening's activities. I haven't yet decided whether to go out for supper at Cracker Barrel (I do love okra!) or have Hubby cook. Either way, I want a juicy steak!

Speaking of food, yesterday I was sick with a stomach bug. What do I start craving?: Mtn. Dew, gooey chocolate chip cookies, and a chicken/bean burrito smothered in cheese and sour cream from the Mexican restaurant!!! It is undenible that I used food to comfort myself. It's so much easier to seek comfort in food and not have to ask anyone else to comfort us in our times of weakness. I saw it as being a good thing to not ask for comfort from anyone else. I went to bed, wondering if skinny people make bad patients.

Looking back on my life, I can see when I started using food as an emotional and physical comfort in place of human comfort. I must change my ways of thinking and turn to those who truly love me when I need comforting. I must do it for my health and for my inner-heart. I must simply say, "I need you to be my comfort or else I'm going to eat a whole bag of cookies!"

May you all have a blessed day!

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