Monday, February 11, 2008

1st Art Class

Daughter and I started an art class here last week. For $20 you get a canvas and the use of all their brushes and oil paints.

The first thing to do was to pick a subject to paint. We browsed through several artist's book and magazines. Daughter picked a harbor scene. I picked a purple iris. My grandmother loved irises and was a painter herself, so this attempt will be a type of rememberance of her.

Next, we went to the copier where one of the teachers would size your subject-picture to a canvas and make a copy. We had no idea why.

Then we went to a table to pick our canvas and some carbon paper. Ah-ha! Instead of a drawing lesson, we (and most everyone else) could "cheat" by tracing the copied picture onto the canvas with the carbon paper. I asked if it would be a big deal it I tried my picture free-hand. Not that I'm any good - just that I wasn't going to be picky about my painting looking exactly like the original! So I skipped the tracing and tried a little freehand scribbling.

Then another teacher helped us to pick our paint colors. Blue and white for daughter's sky. Blue, yellow, and white for my background.

Here is what we accomplished in just over 1 1/2 hours of that class: (try to click on the photos for enlargement.) Daughter's harbor scene: a house, lighthouse, fence, dingy, sky and water.
My attempt at an iris: the background is actually much darker than it shows in this photo. Where there is not blue, there is yellow. You can see the original picture above my canvas.

The teachers would walk by and give advice on blending and such. They are really very nice. The class was crowded! I bet that there were 6 ladies over 50, 6 my age group, and then 7 much younger than me.

There were two other homeschooling families there. And I hope that a friend of mine and her daughter can start riding with us too! It was disappointing to leave after two hours. I wanted to work some more!

I'll post our progress as it happens.


LBP said...

I am so impressed with anyone who can paint! I can barely write my name much less paint a picture.


Marci said...

Wow you are both doing well. Did you do the sketching by yourselves as well?

Cat said...

Wow! That looks so good! There is only room for one more it will have to be Sarah and me watching. I need to call her again and save the seat and then maybe we can drive up together.

xoxo Cat