Monday, February 18, 2008

2nd Art Class

Here is our progress at Art class. To see our first class, click here. Daughter's painting. She is using the bottom photo on the right as a model. She did the blending with minimal help. She makes me a proud mama!
My painting. I'm a bit dissatisfied. The upper bud should've been done at the same time as my focal point (the big iris) but I didn't for some reason. I'm hoping that when I put the green around the bud that the differences in color will not be as noticable! I played with colors and used blue, green, black, yellow and white to do everything for the day. I have a lot more to do! I plan to add the lighter leaves in this week. I can't wait!

We added a new friend to art class last week! Another homeschool family whom I adore is riding with us now. Their daughter picked a horse model to paint. I know she was disappointed that her painting seemed so simple by the end of class, but I know our teacher will be showing her techniques that will make a big difference during the coming weeks!

Oil painting is hard to get used to if you have used other mediums before. It dries slowly so that you have to be careful about layering and adding new colors too soon. Otherwise everything wants to just blend together.

And it doesn't come out of clothes. I also learned this week that from now on, we need to hang our coats on the rack instead of the back of our chairs! Daughter's coat received a smudge of green on the right arm. Funny how she wasn't painting with green.... I WAS! Oppps!

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Louise said...

I've wanted to do an art class, just haven't made the time. And until I get my scrap books up to date, I won't consider taking on another hobby.