Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Flooding in our county

Look closely at the picture below of our view. That's WATER gleaming in the bottom!
Hubby called me right after he left for work, to say that school was closed and he had to drive all the way to another town to avoid closed roads. By the time Daughter and I got out with the camera (for a mini-adventure) the water had already receded a good 4 feet. This is the river right before we entered town. Everything on this side of the tree line is normally a field.
The picture above and the one below is taken at the park. The river (Green River) runs very close to the park, but not this close normally!
You can see how fast the water was running even near the bank.
We looped around town then headed back towards home on the other side of the river from whence we came. Middleburg community was still flooded.This bovine was being herded to higher ground. We stopped to block her from going back to the flooded field she just came from. Her owner was then able to herd her to an upper field on the left side of the highway.
This is a road between Middleburg and Yosemite (for those that know the area.) We weren't going to cross it BUT a few moments later a couple of trucks came through it fine (and I was able to see that if we stayed in the right lane that we could easily make it.)
This is the community of Yosemite. When Hubby had to bypass it this morning, the water was flowing all the way up to the store on the far right past that road-department truck.

This is East Middleburg. No getting through there!
So we drove back towards home and then a little further to see if we could find the flooded place that we could see from our farm. This is Indian Creek. The water was running a little too fast here to want to attempt crossing in a van.
Look at the pretty designs that the river mud left on the road.
Daughter stepped into the mud as she got out of the van. It was a lot deeper than it looked. Good thing we put on our old shoes!
Hubby....DON'T LOOK at this next picture! During the storm last night I thought I heard the roof popping a bit and was worried about the metal roof. This was the only damage we have. But the good news is...I found the grill cover! Found it while I was checking the house for damage. It's in the ravine to the right of the house. Aren't we blessed?


Marci said...

Wow, y'all did get some rain. I have been trying to call my friend down there to see if they are OK. The line has been busy. Her address is Liberty, but she lives about 30 miles outside of it. I am glad y'all are safe!!!

Louise said...

So thankful you and your family are safe. We saw the horrible pictures on the news tonight ... we have family in KY, TN, and friends in AL. I pray they're all safe.
We had rain & more rain last nite; then sleet this morning that turned to snow this evening.
In all of this I think God is showing us He is still in control of it all.
Bless you.

MrsMelody said...

Wow. That's quite a lot of water. Glad you are all safe and didn't have much damage.