Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let it snow! (and turn down the heat!)

First of all, an update on our storage/moving/getting-rid-of-stuff situation.
As you can see from the picture, we bought a storage building. After consideration and serious shopping around, we found a USED/REPOSSESED building for very close to the amount of the materials that it would've taken for us to build it! What a blessing and a weight off of us. God is good! Then, despite being told that it would be Monday before it would be delivered, we received it on Saturday morning...just when we needed it the most! God is merciful!

We spent all day on Saturday moving things like the very heavy wood heating stove and garage tools and the chest freezer and other heavy things. After two full loads with a truck and large flat-bed trailer, we were very glad to call it a good day. We laugh at the fact that we decided it best to put the freezer on the front porch in true redneck fashion. It's only temporay (probably JUST a couple of years) until we build a garage near the house. LOL!

We were planning to use the old house to have a huge indoor "yard sale" of the many, many things that we've decided to let go of as clutter. Then we got the electric bill for the old house. Just having left the heat on in the living room for one week while we sorted through our junk cost us almost $100! Hubby simply summed it up: It would cost us more in heat to have a sale than we would make while trying to get rid of all our unwanted things. So the decision has been made to donate everything to charity instead...and turn off the heat!

Related to that...we have also turned down our home thermostat by 3 degrees! Our bill was way out of our expected budget allotment this month, so we are burning more wood in the fireplace and wearing more clothes in the house! Wouldn't you know has iced and snowed for the last two days!
We woke up this morning to a scene that looks like the world has been frosted with pure white icing.
What a pretty irony in the snow-print left by my FLIP-FLOPS this morning. Delight in the simple and beautiful, everyday things!


Anonymous said...

The storage building looks so small in this pic doesn't it. hubby.

Marci said...

Flip Flops....snow.... hmmmm... Teresa, did you realize that flip flops are not snow shoes? =)

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Hee, hee, Marci! I wear socks with my flip-flops and pretend I'm a well-traveled non-conformist. You have to make your own fun in the woods!