Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Master Bath part 1

This is an update on the last room in our new home that needs to be transformed from start to finish: the master bathroom. The walls are painted a soft grey-green. Here is the first row of floor tile.
With the floor tile lain, work begins on the shower.
First, a water-stop must be installed. Hubby drills holes into the concrete floor to secure the initial 2x4 to the floor with sunken bolts.
Once the bottom 2x4 is secured, then two more are stacked and nailed on top.
The difference between this photo and the very first one is that hubby has placed 2x4's in between the studs for in-shower wall shelves. If you do your own, then don't place your shelf boards until you know where your tile breaks will hit BECAUSE you will want your shelves to line up with the tile lines. Lesson that was learned here the HARD way.
The drain is installed and a layer of cement poured to level with the drain and slope the floor for drainage.

Tile-backer installed all around; but cutting it creates a lot of dust.
And THIS is my job! The joys of living in a construction zone.
All seams are filled with silicone and now it's ready to tile.
The tile is begun: first the floor, then the water-stop, then the walls are tiled in stages of about 3 rows at a time to allow the bottom ones to set before moving on up.
Detail of the tile. We are using a product from Lowe's named American Olean "Tugela Green" with matching accent tiles (not yet pictured). The accent tile in this photo is how we are getting the whole bath to "flow" by using the planned sink counter tiles as a shower accent. These accent tiles are...o-kay I don't have the name on them so it will have to wait until next update post. All I know is that they come in 12x12" sheets and look like small bricks that can be separated. A note on the main tile color: although it's name infers a green undertone, it can also appear to be blue, so it makes for a nice transition from our gray-blue bedroom to our gray-green bath.

Once the shower is tiled, then the bathroom cabinets will be installed. Then the floor tile can be finished and the grout be put in all the tile, both floor and shower. Then the tile and grout will be sealed. Next, the shower fixtures and the toilet can be installed. Then the countertops on the cabinets will be built and tiled and the basins and faucets installed. Then the baseboards and door trim will complete this room.

We can do that in three weeks time, right?


Marci said...

It is looking really good!!!

Blaine Staat said...

Ohhh what a great job y'all are doing! If you need any help...please let me know. I just think what a fun process this all has to be!

We missed you at Bunco but perfectly understand why. Catherine made the most wonderful cupcakes I have ever tasted! Let's try and get together (you, Catherine and me) for tea or lunch or something here soon. She is going out of town for a few days - maybe the end of the month?

We changed our Bunco date - email to follow. I found the cutest little chickie prize!!! I can't wait!

We had company this weekend for which I was completely exhausted for all the cleaning I did in preparation for. I slept most of this afternoon away and I think I could go to bed right now and not wake up until morning! I'm pooped!

Lots of hugs!!!

xoxo Cat