Monday, February 25, 2008

Pottery for the bath

Tucked into a wooded valley in Berea, KY is a small workshop where clay is molded and turned into works of art. Clay bells, full table settings, candlesticks, and other niceties.
Homemade cookies are served on a pottery plate. Punch is brought to thirsty customers in hand-thrown cups.
Here is what we came for: two custom-order pottery basins for our bathroom. We had to set down our punch glasses to make a most important decision.
Which two out of three do we want??!! It's enough to make you want to build another bathroom! Would you believe that they cost less than one of those mass-produced basins from the big home-improvement store? Way less.
Hard at work, trimming a 12-piece place setting - Sarah Culbreth.
Creativity flowing in Jeff Enge, the creator of our beautiful sinks.
A cooling kiln, with it's precious cargo.
They have a wonderful internet shop so check them out for yourself!

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