Friday, March 14, 2008

Deck and Trim

Before picture: notice the one window with brown casing? That's my fault...I insisted on adding that window because it has a pretty design in the glass. The windows were bought in bulk from leftover inventory and therefore CHEAP so I figured I'd manage to adapt it in with the rest somehow.

Now for the current photos:

See that the casing is white now? Thank you spray paint! Btw, the white on the siding is not my fault but from where the silicone/weather sealent hadn't dried before a big rain hit us, so it ran some. We think we can scrub it out.

There will be a retaining wall yet, that will run the length of the deck end.

Ignore the ladder and bricks.
View from the end of the front porch. Steps will go down from the large post. I'm thinking that post would be a good clothes line support...tee, hee.


Marci said...

It looks great!!!

Cat said...

I agree! I can't wait to see everything and the view y'all must have...oh my! I love the flower (previous post) and making mental note that purple is your favorite color - I remember you saying that before.

We are trying to cut down on using gas as well which has meant opting out of our co-op classes. Today the children and I walked to the library (in the rain) and at first was not something they wanted to do. David kept saying to me that the car would be much easier and faster. After a few minutes he was having quite the time splashing in every other puddle!!!

I have been busy working in the garden and getting the beds turned over for planting. I found a companion plum tree (yay!) for my other one. I have a few other things to transplant as well. Would you like to have one of my white hydrangea bushes for your yard? They fill out so nicely and like some sun and shade. I will keep it here until Bunco - email to follow on that one.

xoxoxo Cat

Blaine Staat said...

Hey! I will have the hydrangea bagged up and ready for transport for you on the 3rd unless y'all want to pick up before then - that is fine too - just let me know. It will be best to plant it here soon before it starts sprouting. I have pruned it back and with the weather we have been won't be long! :O) Did I tell you it was a white one? I have also started some new fairy roses. If they are welcome to that as well. They are easy and require little to no care. They bloom constantly!

I know y'all are working hard on your house...what an exciting time!!! I am sure it doesn't seem that way now but you will look back on it and smile!

Love and miss you!

xoxo Cat

annette said...

I love the deck! It's really coming along! I can't wait to come and see it :D