Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kitchen cabinets

Once upon a time, there was an empty room that dreamed of being a kitchen. Not just any kitchen though... a kitchen that would be built by the very family it would surround. It did not want to be built by men who would never see it again. It began with a layout drawn by the housewife who would spend many hours there. Then she picked out paint and tile. Then the wife found a lovely picture in a magazine (much to the husband's initial dismay). It was a photo of a French farmhouse kitchen. The cabinets were simple shelves placed in between brick supports. But the husband was a clever and inventive man and accepted the challenge.
Besides, he loved the wife very much...
...and did his work in uncomfortable positions
...and put up with her snapping photos of him.

Then he tiled the countertops to save them a LOT of money.

Then he faced the cabinets with redwood and ceder to compliment the brick. All she did was stain the insides.
She was so happy with the new cabinets and so was the kitchen. Thousands of dollars were saved.
But then time started to run out, so the husband found a neighbor who was a retired cabinet-maker. He asked him to finish the cabinets for them. The neighbor kindly built the top cabinets and the cabinet doors exactly like the family had planned to do. And he charged them a minor fraction of what other cabinets would cost.
And they were installed by the husband and the neighbor this weekend.
Now the wife only has to put polyurethane on the wood and then the family can put all the cabinet doors and drawer facings on.

To be continued next week....

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tipper said...

How exciting! And it does seem to mean more when you do it yourself. I love the tribute to your Aunt-what a neat way to show a little of her life.