Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Master Bath part 3

Hubby has been so hard at work on our bathroom. He really is the greatest and such a hard worker. Today, he worked in the office all day, came home and cooked supper (gasp!), and then started tiling the bathroom counters. Scroll down to my last post to see the before of the cabinets.
Above: close-up of the tile, also used as an accent in the shower.

A note about the different counter-top heights: Hubby is much taller than me and I'm a hobbit. Since we are building this house for US we customized our cabinets to our heights. My cabinet has about 2-3 inches sawed off of the bottom of it so I can lean comfortably over my sink bowl to wash my face.

Then, the corner counter-top is meant to be a customized dressing table.

O-kay, admitting that my husband came home and had to cook supper is just BOTHERING me! I have to explain....

We have discovered that I have a knack for planning meals and menus but I really dislike actually cooking. I do the budget and bills and many other things, but cooking is just my Achilles heel.

Hubby likes to cook as long as he doesn't have to plan or clean up afterwards. And he loves to have fresh garden veggies, but he doesn't like to garden like I do. Soooooo...we have compromised! Now, I feel a little bit better for having explained why I let my Hubby cook after working all day. LOL! Now to take him up on his offer more often. (Hear that, Baby?!!!)


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention all the other stuff you do for the family. Cooking dinner is the least I can do. Plus I do enjoy it. Love B.

Marci said...

Hmmmm.... I wonder who that above comment is from. =)

The tile looks great. That house is going to be a house of your dreams when you are done. It will be a view of my dreams!!! =)