Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Normal Life

O-kay, so maybe that title is misleading because I don't feel like we're very normal right now. With all the pressure to complete the house, Hubby has taken 3 vacation days this week and it's been a constant press to do as much as possible. But it has come with it's share of blessings too.

Last week, Hubby bought me flowers. No special reason and not normal, but he saw purple roses while doing the shopping and thought of me. (Purple being my favorite color.) They have opened beautifully. I like flowers when they are given randomly and sparsely. Usually I see them as a waste of money. Not last week though. (smile.)

With gas prices the way they've been, Hubby stops after work to buy the groceries. I send him the list via email. I still get out of the house at least twice a week for now to run son to pottery class and daughter to art class. Letting Hubby do the shopping has had the added bonus of cutting the grocery bill since he is less prone to impulse buy than I am - especially since he is ready to get home quickly. But there are days when he blames some "little boy" for sneaking things into the cart. Yet, he finds the heart to pay for these extra items when he gets to the checkout. Hmmmm....

To report some blessings:

Hubby stopped to speak to a semi-retired neighbor who is a cabinet maker. He asked about having him to make our kitchen cabinet doors and drawer facings. The fellow was so nice and said he would be glad to. Friday, Hubby dropped off the materials. MONDAY night they were done! And were inexpensive! They are just what we wanted too.

So Hubby decided to ask if he would be able to build our top cabinets also. We spent half the day in town (yesterday) buying supplies. Last night, Hubby asks...and the answer is yes! I know this is a weight off of us as far as time and labor. We couldn't have found a better situation.

Speaking of being in town for house supplies, we were also looking for the remaining tile to cover our bathroom countertop. Every time we've checked, the store has been completely out! We were getting a bit concerned. Yesterday, we get to the tile aisle and saw a couple taking the last of the tile that we came for! They were friendly enough when they saw we were disappointed that the bin was now empty, but it was a simple case of "we got here first" that couldn't be denied. I knew it was a blow, just 10 minutes earlier and we would've had them! It takes 7-10 business days to get more ordered. Then you have to hope that someone else doesn't snatch them up.

We were so deflated. This project has been hard enough to complete without a delay on supplies. I took a bathroom break while Hubby picked up some more grout. While in there I said a little prayer for the couple to change their mind if it was in His will. After all, they really could've needed it as bad or worse than we did.

Long story short, 15 minutes later we were profusely thanking the couple for giving up the tile! They saw us checking about ordering more and offered it to us. We weren't pushy or pitiful or anything. Out of the blue, they came from the next aisle and said that they decided to wait because they didn't need it for another 6 months! They had seemed so determined to keep it before. Prayer works people! Don't get me wrong, it isn't so you can just get your way. But we needed it to finish and I prayed HIS will over ours. He knew the whole situation and just saw fit to bless us, perhaps because I simply asked for His intervention. God is good.

Other news:

Son is trying out for track this week. If he makes it, he has promised to quit his job. He says he got "sick" three times during practice yesterday and lost all of his lunch. But he kept going. I do hope he makes it. I think his job is getting in the way of his future.

He is more passionate than ever about pottery. We have told him that if he brings all his grades up to straight A's that we will buy him a pottery wheel. He can do it.

Daughter is doing well in art class. We have just been doing the bare bones in homeschooling until the house is appraised. All our "extra" time is spent on this house. We are all ready to be done.

Well, enough for now. Hubby is up on this last day of his "vacation" and ready to get started on the house again. I'll post pictures very soon.

Btw, my step-mom very appropriately named the snow sculpture from last post a "snowmode".

Blessing to you all!

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Marci said...

I am glad that he brought you flowers!!!!

What a blessing and answer to prayer to have your cabinets finished up for you. Our neighbors are building a house. They found someone who came and helped them get the dry wall all finished. That was a major blessing to them.