Monday, March 31, 2008

Panic (updated)

Panic...near the finish line. Why? Because the finish line has been moved! The appraiser starts jury duty on the 9th and needs to do our appraisal early to avoid any time conflicts.

We have one week until the bank appraisal. That's next Monday! ONLY ONE WEEK! (faints....)

What must be finished by then?

Hubby's jobs:
Finish rock above jacuzzi. (done)
Set jacuzzi and trim out. (done)
Finish bathroom countertops. (done)
Plumbing in master bath (sinks (in-progress), toilet (done), shower (done).
Put up the rest of the interior trim. (done)
Install closet doors.
Install kitchen cabinet doors (in-progress) and drawer-facings. (done)
Get gravel hauled and spread it on driveway.
Finish odd jobs that needed materials.

My jobs:
Wipe down, then polyurethene the kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawer facings before installation. (done)
Finish staining all trim before installation. (done) Polyurethene the same. (done, with my dad's help)
Seal all bathroom tile and grout.
Paint the bit of wall above the jacuzzi rock. (thanks, Dad!)
Sand, stain, and poly the bathroom cabinets.
Stain then poly closet doors. (in-progress)
Have the house looking like a beautiful new home.

The game plan:
Monday (today) - Wipe down the kitchen cabinets and next I'll polyurethene them. Then I'll start on the doors and drawer-facings. Hubby will finish up the rock above the jacuzzi and perhaps finish the grout on the bathroom countertops.
Tuesday - I will finish my work on the kitchen cabinets. Then I'll stain the last of the interior trim and hopefully do the closet doors too . Hubby will finish the jacuzzi.
Wednesday - I will poly all the trim and closet doors. Hubby can install the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer-facings then perhaps start work on the bathroom plumbing.
Thursday - I'll paint the spot above the jacuzzi , then start on the bathroom cabinets; sand, stain, then poly. Hubby can install all the interior trim that I worked on and then we can install the closet doors.
Friday - Work on finishing the bathroom cabinets some more. Clean up around house if the weather permits. Hubby can finish plumbing or work on other jobs that need completion.
Saturday - My job will be to seal all the bathroom tile and grout. Hubby will most likely be finishing up odd jobs all day then cleaning up.
Sunday - Oh, how I hope that Sunday we will be done and can rest. Oh, I hope and pray!
Monday - Get up early and give the house a good cleaning and stage it for photos.

Dear family and friends,
You are most welcome to visit us this week. (wink) Just choose a day that you would like to join the chaos and remember to wear your old clothes. That's right, I'm not above putting you to work at this stage! Just make sure you eat first, because the kitchen here is closed for business until next week.

If you don't want to visit (wink), then at least say a prayer (seriously).

Things just don't go as planned! It seemed like everything took twice as long to do and led to more work that wasn't on the list. But we were blessed twice over - (1) my dad came up and helped me for a day and a half. He was tremendous. (2) the appraiser called on Thursday afternoon to say that he had escaped jury duty and to call him when we were ready! What a relief. Even though we kept working as if we had to be finished by the end of the week, here I am, typing this after midnight on Sunday (Mon. morning) having just finished with the kitchen cabinets! We have been working 14+ hours a day and only took Sunday morning off to sleep/restore our exhausted bodies and minds.

But, I will have some great pictures to show you after the appraisal is finished. Until then, keep us in your prayers that nothing else will "come up" and that we have the stamia to finish perhaps tomorrow. Or as my dad says, "intestinal fortitude!"


tipper said...

Oh I hope you make it! I hate deadlines-but especially when they get moved up.

MrsCatherine said...

Hey! Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of y'all and praying too! :O)

Your hydrangea bush is starting to put out new shoots and will be ready whenever you are! We do want to get it into the ground at your place before it starts putting out blooms though. You had mentioned driving by last week...I wish you had called me but I know y'all are on a tight schedule.

Blaine mentioned to me today about extending our garden area! Yay!! He will have to help me with that one. My back is still not too happy with me which I now believe is more about stress than anything else. I am so stubborn and instead of just letting whatever go and giving it over to God...I hang on to it. ~Sigh~ Thank goodness He is patient with me.

With y'all being so busy with the house, I have set aside some seeds for y'all to use when you get ready. It won't be too late to start and even if they are only container size or a small plot - you can still have a garden!!! :O)

When you do get to a stopping point or at least a point of rest...let me know! I would love to have a cook out with y'all and the Pond's too. I am hoping we will dry out a bit to do that.

Off and running!

xoxoxoxo Cat

tipper said...

Thank goodness for Daddys! At least you are ahead of the game now. Can't wait to see the pics.