Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow Art?

FINALLY! We got a decent snow, about 3-4 inches. This was the biggest snowfall in several years. Daughter went outside to play and Hubby joined her in building what I thought was going to be the typical snowman. But, I guess we are just too redneck for that... What country yard would be complete without a toilet in it? I was half expecting them to place flowers in it next....but no....!

They made a snowman after all.

I thought it couldn't get any more hick, but when this beautiful sculpture fell over and half-melted they put a Pepsi can on the back of the toilet and shot pellet pistols at it. It's not a full day if you don't get in a little target practice, eh?


Cat said...

Y'all are such a hoot! I love it! I can't wait to show Blaine when he gets home!

I think it just shows the sense of humor you have as a family - I love that!

xoxo Cat

Marci said...

Well... it IS a snowman... A very creative snowman. THey are quite the snow sculptors!!! =)