Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Grass is Greener....Here

At the entrance to our farm is a 4-grave cemetery. In Spring, it speaks life in daffodils. When the blooms are gone, it's time to mow around the flowers so that they will return next year.

No time for building raised beds this year. The garden needs to be planted. We will try the traditional way. I was pleased to find that good soil was lying under the clay and sandy surface. All the top soil had been striped away. But then, this had been a forest floor for thousands of years. I am a little ashamed of being the human to "tame" it. But we do need food. And we are keeping as much of the land as possible in woodland.

Redbud winter has past and the pink trees are showing their beauty.

What an unusal find! This pretty sculpture is growing at the edge of the driveway.

Some very beautiful photos are coming next of one of our state's best natural wonders. I hope you will return and enjoy them.

I hope you are stopping to enjoy the beauty around you right where you are. Isn't it extraordinary?!


Marci said...

Theresa, who is buried in those graves... family? Great pictures.

Tipper said...

Great pictures of beauty! The graves are so interesting-is it your family? Or just an old graveyard?

Ladyfromthewoods said...

They are members of the family who used to own this whole ridgetop. There is a woman who died in her 30's from the same thing that the woman who touched Christ's robe was healed from. (I can't help but think of her being healed in heaven.) And her 12 year old son who died of pneumonia. Her uncle and cousin maybe are the other two. I haven't written about them because I'm supposed to speak with a relative (she's 89) this summer to get the whole stories. Then I will do a whole post on the cememtery!