Monday, April 28, 2008

Job-Shadowing part 1

Our son is a senior in public school. The schools have come up with an inventive way to get rid of them during testing for the sake of the lower grades. (Y'know, because they are such a distraction and the scores are SOOOooo important for funding. That's a soapbox for another time.)

Job-shadowing is a program that requires the senior students to observe or participate in the real-life world by spending 6 hours a day with a person in their "related field of interest." Son's interest is clay.

It was a chore at first, to find full-time artisans and business owners who have dedicated their lives to the love of pottery and sculpture, but we compromised by hopping from one to another for a whole week. And what a wonderful experience it has turned out to be after all!

Here, son is standing in the showroom of Junkyard Pottery on his first day. You simply must check out their gallery and the unique flower ponds/vases. They are so pretty and functional for holding small bouquets.

Here is son with shop co-owner, David Howe. He makes most of their glazes and has done some incredible inventive things in his field. David is a very interesting person and I'm grateful that he gave up a whole day to mentor this budding artisan! Thank you, David and Carol!

Next post, I will show you what Daughter and I did with our time during that day.


Marci said...

Have you ever seen Hadley pottery? They are somehow related to me way back. It is made in Kentucky. I have a few pieces of it. I think it is great your son got some good experience last week.

Tipper said...

What fun-I'm so glad he got to enjoy his day. I would love to experiment with clay.

Judy said...

I think it would be wonderful to be able to make pottery. I collect Bybee Pottery and have a whole set of the Bybee blue. I also have several other pieces made by other potters. How nice that your son was able to spend a day with this man. Judy

Marci said...

Judy, it is Bybee pottery that is somehow related to me.... I have Hadley pottery. Thanks for the reminder.