Friday, April 11, 2008

Kitchen cabinets 2

To see the beginning of the kitchen go here:

Here is your peek at our kitchen progress:

A messy kitchen happens when all work is concentrated on building instead of cleaning. But this photo is to show what the poly does to redwood and cedar. The facings have been polyed but the doors have not. See how shiny but dark the cedar on the cabinet ends got?
Brace yourselves. These last two photos are of the finished cabinets!

Not bad for around $1,500.00 eh? That includes $650 labor for our 71 year old neighbor. Hubby did such a good job on the whole kitchen. (Applause for Hubby!)
(if you click on the photos, they should come up bigger)


Marci said...

It is gorgeous Teresa!!! I am so thrilled for you.

tipper said...

Love the cabinets-they are beautiful! And I bet they will last alot longer since your Hubby (applause) and neighbor built them.