Friday, April 18, 2008


One of the reasons I admire my daughter:

As she was brushing the cats this morning, I reminded to her to throw the fur out for the birds to use for nesting material. (Because we don't do it in the winter, she had forgotten and was headed for the trashcan.)

She came back into the house and said, "Y'know, we should find a place to donate their fur so people can make fur coats and not skin animals instead."

Yes, we should.

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Judy said...

Hi Teresa, Now, I have found your other blog and have spent the entire afternoon looking at your pictures and reading about your new home. It is absolutely beautiful and your view from your house is breathtaking. I envy you!
The Tracy Mills that I knew was the son of Suzie Mills and she was Lewell Mills daughter. The age is about right though and he did have red hair and freckles. I think he married Jr.Hafley's daughter, Kim.
I have the Better Than Sex Cake recipe and love it. I will have to try the Chocolate Gravy sometime.
I am going to put you on my favorite blogs! Judy