Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Around Here

It is Springtime. Beauty is everywhere, in the wildflowers and blooms on the native trees.
Hubby put up a pulley system clothesline for me. I've always thought they were so neat. But I'm finding it's not so great as it wants to droop no matter how much we tighten it. I've changed my mind. Hubby will put up a traditional 3-line in the back yard for me soon.
The Honey Locust trees are in full bloom.
Oh, isn't he just the cutest?!! Hubby and Daughter are beginning a playhouse for her. It will sit in the backyard and be very high off the ground. They set the support posts yesterday while Son and I did more prom shopping. Tonight, they put up the floor joists about 6 feet off the ground. This is one of those projects that have been put off until "after the house is done." But youngun's don't stay young for long. This has been put on the priority list now.

She has been sick with a very nasty virus this week. High fever for two days. Now she has nearly lost her voice. It is very strange to see her sick. I can't even remember the last time she ran a fever. I've had a chance to revisit the days of being "Mommy" instead of just MOM.

Son's prom is this Saturday. We have been busy getting him set up for that. Don't believe that boys are easier. It's a lie.

We still have junk sitting all around the house, even on the porch from emptying the old house. It is a bit opressive, having clutter in the way - needing to go through it all and either find a place for it or give it away. But life goes on and I am not over-worrying about it. After school is out this year, there will be more time for such things.

The garden is growing. We planted 34 tomatoes (7 varieties), 2 rows of onions, 2 rows of green beans, a row of zucchini, two rows of yellow squash, a row of lettuce mix, cayenne peppers, sweet "Black Beauty" peppers, and cabbage. No corn this year. We will have to buy it or depend on trading. We just don't have the room this year. I hope to learn how to can the tomatoes and hot peppers this year. Any tips?


Marci said...

The pictures are beautiful. Most people that I see that have the clothesline with the pulley, have it go way up in a tree, or way down off of a porch, or way up on a roof line. Maybe that takes care of the sag. I hope your daughter is well soon.

Tipper said...

Love the pretty pictures! I always wanted one of those pully clotheslines too-guess I don't want one-thanks for the tip.

I hope your daughter feels better soon. Mine finally got to go back to school today-turned out to be strep throat for her.

I'm jealous of all the things you have planted-I still don't have my tomatoes planted-I better get on with it!

Judy said...

Teresa, Thanks for all the sweet comments on the Forkland blog. I am sure I will think of more things in the future. I love the pictures on yours and there is nothing smells better than clothes dried outside on the line. I used to love hanging out clothes when we lived on the farm. Your garden sounds like it will be great. Hope your daughter feels better. Judy