Thursday, May 01, 2008

Job Shadowing (part 2)

If you don't know what job-shadowing is or why bother, read this post.

On Son's second day of shadowing, he met Page and Tim of Candler Clay. They, too, are extremely interesting and very nice. You must click the link to view their work. It's so fun and creative. Here they are after a day, with clay on their hands, clothes, and hearts.
They made "saggers". A sagger is a container in which you place your claywork, either to protect it from ash and debris in something like a wood kiln or to protect your kiln from the material or glaze that you want on your art but not inside your kiln. If you like having ash blow around on your piece (it makes an interesting surface on the claywork) then put it and your piece in a sagger.
This is the piece that Son was working on when I arrived. He left it with them to be fired.

They generously gave him some extra clay to take home and work with. He couldn't be stopped that night.
Believe it or not, it's a flower vase.
Page and Tim, you've created another monster. Just kidding. He loved spending the day with you and looks forward to coming back! Thank you so much.

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Tipper said...

Wow! He is talented! Job shadowing-he needs to open his own shop!