Friday, May 09, 2008

Job Shadowing part 3

I am sorry to tell you that I forgot the camera on our third adventure, but I do have some links and I hope you will check them out!

Son job-shadowed with Sarah Culbreth at Tater Knob Pottery in Berea, KY. I have great photos of them and their studio here.

Daughter and I left them to business and headed out to visit Bill Best at the Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center. We talked about heirloom tomatoes (as I was looking for a purple variety from Hubby's childhood). What a passion for saving the genetic diversity of tomatoes and beans this man has! Please browse the entire site. Our talk was cut short as he had to help his son convert another of their trucks to run on used vegetable oil.
Then we headed on our way to another grow shop but was disappointed with thier variety.

So, we stopped at Happy Meadows Natural Foods. I bought some dishsoap, a neti pot, and some snacks. We had lots of fun discovering new products.

Next, we headed downtown to a small gallery (Gallery 103) where we met Teresa Cole. We purchased a beautiful bowl for our fruit and a stained glass suncatcher by Diane Gilliam.

Teresa suggested we try Papa Leno's for lunch. We bought sandwiches to go. The atmosphere was great so I hope to go again when we can eat-in!

We headed back to pick-up Son. Daughter and I offered to fold some brochures for them as he was still working on a piece. Sarah offered us some lunch (which we enjoyed then saved our sandwiches for later.)

It was another good day.


Tipper said...

How interesting! I think all kids should do job shadowing. What a great experience and all the things you all have learned-really a super idea.

Love the sun catcher! TN said...

I just found your blog again. My computer crashed and I lost a lot of my things.! I'm glad I found you! Will be back to read more! TN