Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Job Shadowing part 4

This is the final chapter.

The last two days of Son's job-shadowing brought us to a studio between Columbia and Burkesville, KY. Jeff and Henrietta Scott run Highland Raku Studio and Gallery. Please check out the link to see the pottery and paintings. They are absolutely beautiful. This piece was one of several that were made using real horsehair in the design. Jeff was most generous and helpful, allowing Son to have plenty of wheel time and showing him tricks of the trade.


Notice that little look that Son gives me. Doting Mothers are crazy, aren't we?! LOL!

Son spent two days with Jeff who was a most warm and patient mentor. I enjoyed browsing their shop which includes other works from local artisans, and sitting in a rocking chair in front of the studio heater - reading or talking to Jeff about this-n-that.

Can I say that I was glad that the job-shadowing week was over? I was so whooped from doing all that running.

Can I say I was sad that it was over? I meet some very wonderful and creative people and explored lots of places that I would have missed otherwise.


Marci said...

YOur son is doing a great job on that video. He looks like a natural.

Tipper said...

I know your tired-but what fun you all have had. Horse hair in pottery? Never heard of that before.