Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Playhouse With A View

Why do kids want clubhouses or playhouses? We had one on the farm where I grew up. It had originally been the smokehouse. We used the left-over paint and carpet from Mom and Dad's newly constructed home to make it a cozy retreat. Retreat? A place where children can escape the constant reality that comes with/from living with adults. A place to imagine you were being kissed by Scott Baio or in Star Wars or just a place where there was no voice but your own. "Can I have a clubhouse?"

"When the house is finished."

"I want it as big as my room. I want it to be high up and have a trap-door."

And I want you to have a place to dream without any interference.

"Can I put my t.v. and playstation in it?"

"Absolutely not!"

"What about my Legos?"

"I guess so."

I do hope there are many quiet times in which she discovers herself in this space she can claim as her own.

I wish I could give every child this experience... to have a place in which to hear their own thoughts, even if what they had originally hoped for was a cool arcade.

Sneaky parents!


Tipper said...

I always wanted a playhouse like that one! I had mine in the woods-my girls and my niece have several around in the woods where they rake the leaves to make trails and rooms. They even have one in the middle of the creek.

You're right kids need those places to dream and grow.

Cat said...

I want one! What a neat place and what a view!!! I love it! I'd be sleeping in that for sure! I know...can you see me climbing up in there (yes) with a sleeping bag (okay, maybe not but a air matress will work!)and a little night light? Absolutely!

xoxoxo Cat