Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prom 2008

Bragging son is a handsome fellow, no? Tolerating Mom snapping photos before he leaves the house.

Thank you to our b-i-l who loaned him the car.
Like them shoes?
Arrival at the event: please ignore the crazy woman who talks in the video and my sister's head. LOL!


Parents line up in front of the gym just to see their kids arrive. In fact, this is such a big event in this rural county that non-related folks come just to see the pretty dresses and inventive modes of arrival.
Male teachers volunteered to valet park for the kids. I'm sure that some of them enjoyed it more than they'll admit.
This was the classiest ride, complete with a driver in a derby hat and four bodyguards.

A short-bus crammed to the brim.

Not the prettiest ride, but they roll out a red carpet from the back and 16 kids roll out covered with streamers!

Fun for the girls who rode/drove and the boys sat on the back.

O-kay, these next two photos took the cake for the best ride to the prom. It was a furniture delivery truck with decorated sides announcing "Most Outrageous Ride to Prom." But it was cool as each couple stepped out onto the platform with color-cordinated balloons. As the platform lowered to the ground, the couple released their ballons to float into the air above. 5 couples in all.
Here is son with his best friend (who just happens to be a wonderful, pretty girl.)
And here is son with his date for the night. They were an ex-couple who decided to go to the prom together as friends. Give them a hand for class.
Can you look at those photos and not reminisce? I didn't go to my prom but went to a friend's prom when I was a junior in high school. Yes, we were still into the big Southern Belle dresses.
Check out that feathered hair! I'm disappointed that this photo is so faded that my dress looks white, but it was actually pink with white lace. It included a parasol and Mom got me a white lace fan with pink roses to match. I don't know where the boy is now. The one I caught for a lifetime is the best one!

I do wish I was an expert at photoshop! Wouldn't that Miami Vice suit look perfect with my pink dress? We went to the same school for three years and never knew each other. Perfect timing, b/c we are such different people now, perfect for each other NOW and the rest of our lives. Aaawwww.......


Tipper said...

Love the pictues! So neat that the "arrival" is part of the fun.
Your prom pictures look alot like mine-I guess the look was in style everywhere!

Your son is very handsome and his shoes were great!

Judy said...

Teresa, I really enjoyed reading about your son's prom and the pictures are great. He is such a good looking guy. I, too, liked the shoes. The whole thing sure brought back some memories of yesteryear. I loved all the different modes of transportation!