Friday, June 06, 2008

A chapter ended

I'm trying to upload two videos of the ceremony but Blogger is having troubles. Look for those soon.

Son graduated from high school this month.
"I love my bubby!"

I started crying out of the blue and couldn't get stopped! It was embarrassing. Long story short: I hadn't had time to deal with any of the emotions that come with your first and only son meeting this milestone. I was proud to tears, I was vindicated in that we had parented him to this point, and I was immensely relieved that he has proven himself successful. I finally got stopped, but not before I wished too.

Hubby got his "congratulations" in. Nothing like trying to embarrass your kids!

Family pose.

This is Son's dad, step-mom and two of his little brothers. They came in from out-of-town and spent the afternoon with us until time to leave for the ceremony.

My mom and all her grandbabies. Son is the oldest and was the only child and grandchild for 7 years. No, he wasn't spoilt. (Yes, that's sarcasm.)

His dad's mom and step-dad.
His dad's dad.

His step-mom's parents (and two of his brothers.)
We all sat together and made a lot of noise as he walked across the stage to receive his diploma. There were 24 of us all together.


Tipper said...

What a special day! I know you are so proud of him. Looks like he has alot of folks who love him.

Cat said...

Ohh Teresa! When I read your email about you crying at the graduation - I started to cry. I am so glad you posted the picture of you in tears of joy. I can't imagine what you will do when he gets married?! But the picture just shows how precious you truly are! :O)

Love you dearly!
xox Cat

Catherine Seiberling Pond said...

These are the most joyous photos I've ever seen of a graduation! Congratulations to your son and congratulations to you for being such a fine mama. You have a lovely family and I hope to meet them one day. I enjoyed meeting your son at Writer's Day.

Hugs from New Hampshire,