Tuesday, June 17, 2008

County Fair

I still can't believe I did it, but I entered three of my crocheted pieces into the local county fair this year. I was the only competition in my divisions: dolls or toys, clothing not baby, and ripple afgahan. But I did score 90 on the afgahan, 94 on the doll, and 95 on the poncho. That's still an "A", right? lol.
I made the baby ripple afgahan for the next baby girl in the family. I made the purple/white poncho for my sister's daughter last Christmas. She likes it and that's what matters to me. I also made another one for my brother's daughter using the same purple/pink as this afgahan.
I made the doll for my sister's other little girl that same Christmas. I made her eyes brown and put highlights in her hair like my niece. Evidently she likes her, because we had to sneak her out of the house to place her in the fair. That's better than any ribbon.

A blue ribbon means that you can enter into the state fair. I'm not going to. I don't think they'll show well, they didn't score as high as needed to win at that level, and because I didn't like the emotions I went through to show them! I'd much rather make things in love and give away than to compete. But I wanted to share this little accolade with you, since I rarely get one in the form of an actual award. Kinda nice!


Marci said...

I see the doll had highlights. I was going to ask if she had an early gray hair. You did a good job. I love her bloomers!!

Tipper said...

Your work is beautiful!! I love the dolls highlights. My mom crotchets and I'm going to tell her about that little trick. Its all just beautiful and how nice you are to make it for those you love.

Judy said...

I love the bloomers, too. I think you are super talented! I have never been able to knit or crochet. Just don't have the patience or can't sit still long enough. You are right about the important thing is people liking what you did for them. It is so nice to have people appreciate your skills.

Cat said...

Do you take orders?! :O)

I am somewhat back on but have so much uploading to do...ugh! I am still trying to recover some of my files if possible but it is not looking too good on that front.

But back to my question. Something to think about possibly doing?

xoxoxoxoxoxo Cat