Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grain Mill Gone

There used to be a grain mill in the nearby community of Middleburg. We snapped some photos on a nice day.

The History according to

Middleburg is an unincorporated rural community with a post office sitting just off the Green River in central Casey County, Kentucky, United States. The first land owner in the area was Abraham Lincoln I, the grandfather of president Abraham Lincoln, who purchased 800 acres in the area in 1784. In 1800, Lincoln transferred the land to Christopher Riffe.

Riffe built a home there and operated a mill,which began the focal point of the community. He was also the community's first postmaster when the post office first opened on February 11, 1837. He named it possibly for Middleburg, Virginia; or because of its location midway between Liberty and Hustonville.

Christopher Riffe accompanied Col. William Casey (Great-Grandfather of Mark Twain) to Kentucky in 1784. Riffe lived at Bryan's Station, Boonesborough, Logan's Station and Carpenter's Station. He bought 800 acres (3.2 km²) of land from the Grandfather of Abraham Lincoln. Riffe became the first white settler of Casey County in 1793. He was the first State Representative from Casey County, served seven terms. He fought in the Battle of the Thames (in which Tecumseh was killed) in the Kentucky Sixth Regiment. He was Lieutenant-General of the Kentucky State Militia.
(Source: Kentucky Historical Marker No. 250 located at Middleburg Cemetery, Lynn St., Middleburg, Ky)

Wow, talk about the local history in our area! But now you'd never know it to look at it...
No more grain... just a few ducks,
...and a swan who is certain we came to feed it.


Tipper said...

What were we writing at the same time? Great post! And thanks again for leaving the link at my blog. Love the ducks.

Judy said...

Great entry. You know I love to read about Kentucky history! It's a shame the mill is not still there. I make a trip to Casey Co. every year. I love to visit Liberty. I used to go to a shoe store way out in the country there called "Polly's or Pauline's" or something like that. Do you know if it is still there?

Carol-Ann. said...

Great Post!
It's informative and just full of such interesting history stuff!