Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where I'm From

This is a free-verse poem that I made using the template from Judy. Fill in the blanks and then play around with it. Pop on over there then make your own!


I am from Mason jars, from Spaghettio's and grape Kool-aid,
Grandmother's homemade biscuits and fresh eggs.

I am from the old house, the outhouse, and the smokehouse.
Green-smelling copperheads and wiggling tadpoles.

I am from the Blackberry brair and persimmon tree.

I am from pond fishing and banjo picking,
Faded cotton aprons and the oily smell of paint on canvas,
from Venia Mae and Essie Faye and red clay.

I am from mind games and sincere hugs.
"Only God knows" and "Pretty is as pretty does."

I am from the back pew to kneeling at alter steps.
Convocations and medications, and rededications.

I'm from knob country that called to the blood
stomping in the veins of the Irish, Welsh, and Scots,
and singing locusts.

Cutting wood every fall, and hugging trees in the spring,
driving to the swimming hole,
From Pappaw peeing in the corner of his barn until the rooster broke him.
From Halloween candy-sorting
and a silver Christmas tree.

I am from faded photos hanging on walls beside wood stoves,
memories not always mine but mine anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am married to such a beautiful and talented lady.

Tipper said...

I love it! So moving. Amazing how the everyday sounds so powerful when written down.

Clara....in TN said...

Teresa, I love your "Where I'm From".... sounds like we are from the same place....LOL I had such fun doing mine. Some of the things I wrote, I hadn't thought about in a long time. Aren't memories great???? Love, Clara

Judy said...

Teresa, I love your poem and especially the part about your pappaw! This has been so much fun reading everyone's creation.

Rachel said...

So glad you stopped by my blog!! We are practically neighbors!!

I loved reading your poem. I have one in the works but haven't finished it yet. Sure does bring back the memories to do this one!

I'll be back now that I've discovered your blog...or rather you discovered mine...well anyway you know what I mean!!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

I'm so glad you all liked it! (Especially, anonymous....heehee.)

In the photo, you can see that my pappaw is playing banjo for us grandkids. We would dance to it. Evidently I was very happy at that moment.

Catherine Seiberling Pond said...

Teresa, this is a beautiful poem and says so much about you. Have you ever thought of writing your memoirs?