Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Amusment in Bowling Green

So, quick recap:

First day of our vacation week, we went to the water park.

The middle of the week, we went camping (something daughter really wanted to do.)

On Friday, we had planned to go to Beech Bend Park (b/c that is something the son wanted to do.) But it rained all morning. We had nearly decided to postpone it for some other time when we saw the radar was showing clear skies for the rest of the afternoon.

So, we loaded into the van and took the two hour trip down to Bowling Green.

First, we rode the big wooden roller coaster.

Then they rode the bumper cars:


Then we rode the Wild Mouse Spinning Coaster. This is the photo from the website:

Yes, if you're from KY you'll remember that the old version would sometimes throw the whole car off the tracks. The operator could remember it too. I didn't mention it to the kids, but my hiney sure did tighten as we came to the edges!

Then they got me on something called (of all things) Moby Dick. The operator took a photo for us. Can you see the excitement in my eyes? NOT! Before we left, the kids and I rode the wooden coaster one more time. That's me in the second car being funny.
As we reached the top of the first hill, I'm securing my bandana!
It was nearing closing time and we had ridden all we wanted. So we wandered over to their petting zoo. The baby goats were the best!
They were plumb tuckered out from a full day of play and people. We would give the ones who wanted it, a good rub where their horns were coming in. I had one to almost fall over with pleasure and exhaustion while I was lightly scratching his forehead. I wanted to take them home with us.
Our white cat, Maggie sleeps the same way... with her head butted up against something.


Judy said...

I got on a Wild Mouse years ago over in North Carolina just over the Smokies. I have never been so scared in my life. I lost my sunglasses off my face, nearly killed my mother-in-law who was seated behind me in the thing, was so sick and shaky I never again got on any kind of ride like that! I surely thought I would die in mid air when the thing left the tracks with us in it.

MrsCatherine said...

Trying to keep your kerchief on?! I don't know Teresa...that looks like you are screaming or getting ready to! ;O)

I love your camper and it has ac! Does it also have hot running water? Hmmm...I could do that?! You are a brave woman to go camping! Blaine always jokes about my idea of roughing it would be going to a hotel that does not have room service.

It looks like y'all are having so much fun. You are just as cute as can be...I love the pictures!

xoxo Cat

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Actually, the camper isn't ours, just a loaner from our niece. There was no running water on site and we only used the outdoor propane cookstove. I hauled water from only 50 yards so that wasn't bad at all. But the a/c did feel good on the really one hot day we had. And the camper cushions meant no rocks or sticks poking us in the back too, so I can't say I was roughing it either!

Rachel said...

Loved the pictures! I must say that you are brave (or nuts!!) to get on those rides! The last wild ride I took was on something called the octopus (I think?) You sat in a tub and the tubs spinned and the tubs are on long arms that go up and down. When I got off I was so sick! Later we drove back by it again and I saw it and almost got sick again! No more!!

Baby goats are so adorable!

Tipper said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Love the goat!