Friday, July 11, 2008


When I got home last night from my monthly Bunco game, Hubby had been extremely productive.

As you can see below, he has leveled out the dirt that he's been bringing up to add to our sloping yard. The highest terrece will be a flower bed. The second terrace will be a walkway running from the deck on the left end of the house around the front and connecting to some steps at the opposite end of the front porch. Yes, I still have a lot of work to do on the front porch clutter.

And he also poured the footer for the retaining wall at the back of the house.
And he also tilled the garden. I love my hard-working man.

Plans this weekend include laying the retaining wall and placing a rock border on the front flower bed. We are also having my brother's family down from Illinois for his daughter's birthday party. There is also a homeschool conference and a craft festival that are possiblities if we can stretch the hours out in a day. So much to do... busy days are good days.Here are a couple of daylily photos. Their recent planting have left them a bit unattractive as a whole, but individual blooms promise a beautiful showing next year. This one is called "Persian Market."

And this one is "Stella Supreme."

I also have the following varieties in the same bed... Apricot Ruffle (orange and frilly), Daring Deception (mauve and cream with frilled edges), Forest Phantom (yellow with a purple center), Strutter's Ball (purple with a yellow center), and some common gold from the old house. I find myself liking these easy-to-survive perriennals and plan to get several more varieties for the backyard as it gets full sun nearly all day. I will have something very pretty to look at as I hang the clothes on the line!

I've been picking blackberries this week. And I have a bad case of chigger bites.


Tipper said...

Looks like things around the house are coming right along. And the daylilies are beautiful! Sorry about the chiggers.

Judy said...

The daylilies are so pretty and you are lucky to have such a great hubby that does so much! When my girls were little we lived on a farm outside Perryville. We loved picking blackberries. One of my favorite things in this world is blackberry cobbler. I would make one and then get up in the night to eat some of it. We are going to Amish country tomorrow in Liberty and I cannot wait to eat at the Bread of Life and go to the bulk food store down there!

Marci said...

Everything is looking good Teresa!!! I am amazed at all the things in the left column you have marked done. Good for you on the Mt. Dew being gone!!!