Monday, July 14, 2008

Lizards, Toads, and Snakes

The thing about moving into the woods and trying to landscape... ... is that under every rock is a surprise!
But nothing prepared me for this one!
He thinks he's hiding under that stalk of wheat-grass.
Little fellow is probably a foot long!
We couldn't figure out his identity so we had to look at his belly. According to the Kentucky Snake Book he is a Eastern Milk Snake, common in our area. I have never seen one in the wild until today.

We let him go under the deck.
Sorry, no photo of the lizard. She was too fast. We know it was a female because we watched her get "fat" this summer and then go skinny at the same time we found little empty eggshells.


Marci said...

I know they keep the mice away, but what keeps THEM away!!!! =)

Judy said...

I might get a frog picture but I would never get close enough to a snake to take a picture! I am scared to death of them. Ever once in a while when I was in the store, someone would bring in a dead rattlesnake they had killed. One guy had a live one in the parking lot one time. Peg locked the store door from the inside and would not let him in the store and I was glad. I would love to live in the country though.

Tipper said...

Such great pictures of the creepy crawlies!

Applie said...

I love seeing God's Creatures. :) That is a Scarlet Kingsnake. They eat only eggs. They are very difficult to keep as pets; because they won't eat.

I like your blog. :)

Marci said...

Teresa, come over to my blog. You won an award!!!