Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Still here

Sorry if you've wondered where I've been lately. I'm still here. I've been fighting off a little illness or combination of natural things or something that put me on my bottom for a couple of days. Before that, I was just plain busy.

Isn't it always wonderful to wake up that first day after getting over a physical set-back?! It's as if you have been given a gift to start fresh and a new appreciation for what you are able to do each day instead of having any grumbling in your bones about hard work. There's a great lesson there, a good reminder, but no need to preach to the choir. I'm thankful for the first morning I feel the least bit better after being reminded what it would be like to become unable!

In the coming month, I plan to blog on my new daylily bed, the garden, and (close your ears, fellows) switching to cloth menstral pads. Hubby has been digging the footers for a retaining wall at the back of our berm home and for the front porch steps.

That's it for today. Must try to catch up the home and garden now. Love to you all!


Judy said...

I have missed you! I am so sorry you have been ill and glad you are feeling better. I love the butterfly picture. Glad to have you back and looking forward to new posts!

Clara....in TN said...

Glad you are feeling better! Clara...in TN

Tipper said...

Love the butterfly! Glad to know your feeling better.