Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What do we do next?

Well, we tried to go boating, but the battery was dead. Son cut his foot on the river bottom as we tried to keep the boat from running ashore and also soaked his cellphone while Hubby went to get the trailer to reload the boat. I broke my favorite flip-flop as we pushed the boat back to the ramp.

So we went swimming instead. After an hour, we were all feeling better and decided that we didn't need a boat to have fun.

But swimming and fresh air makes one enjoy a nap... Night fell after a delicious supper of chicken fajitas made on the camp stove. We were all too tired to care about the dirty skillets and I promised to wash them first thing in the morning.

We retired to the camper for 5 rounds of UNO and lots of laughing.

The day had been cloudy so the night was positively comfortable. We had all the windows open so we could hear the crickets singing.

Then I heard something. A small shuffle. Was someone walking though our camp?

There it was again. Shhhhh! I hear something! Everyone held their cards and their tongues. Yes! Unmistakeable clamor near the picnic table. Immediately the kids suspected the two skunks they had seen wandering the woods while they took a bike ride. Hubby grabbed the flashlight, wanting to identify the noise before we were sprayed out of the the site.

This is what we saw....

He was fully grown and healthy looking. And he was helping himself to the stuck-on chicken pieces from our supper. I internally fussed at myself for not washing the skillets. But I was also secretly tickled that I hadn't. I got very close for photos before he decided that he had had enough of the leftovers.
The skillets were a breeze to wash the next morning. Don't worry, I used plenty of soap, hot water, and elbow grease despite the good pre-wash Rocky did.

On the last day of camping, we slept in, had more camp doughnuts (despite having planned on something else initially. It was the doughnuts we wanted, so we had them!) then we went for another swim.

After the swim, we wandered around the marina dock. At the back, there is a walkway out to the gas pumps for the boats. In the water on your right, you will see this...
Those are HUGE carp.
The lady who cooks inside the marina tosses their scraps to them and calls them her "babies". She says the really big ones don't come up as often. How big are the big ones I wonder?!!!

Here is a video of her tossing a hill from a bread loaf to them. The voices are of another family. At the end, you will see the lady who feeds them.

So, the camping trip ended and we were all wishing we had just one more day, but vacations have a way of moving quicker than the work week and we had one more day of planned activity.

Photos of that tomorrow.


tipper said...

Amazing carp. And love the pesky raccoon. You're right being outdoors always makes you sleep better.

Rachel said...

Hi! I've just been catching up on reading your posts. I am way behind in blog reading and commenting, but slowly trying to catch up. The vacation sounds like a whole bunch of fun! The raccoon is cute and so nice to help you with the skillets! The raccoons here will take food from my hand and it seems the more you feed them the more they want!

I loved the video of the carp! They are big!

I have never seen a scarlet kingsnake before. Sure a pretty color for a snake!

I remember Druther's well. I didn't know that one still existed. How neat!!

Judy said...

Hi Teresa, The fish and the raccoon are amazing. What great pictures you took. Swimming always made me so tired and wanting to sleep.