Saturday, August 09, 2008


Back in January of this year (2008) a wonderful friend recruited 12 women to start a Bucno game to be held once a month. I am so glad I was invited to learn this game.
We each take turns hosting which means that it's at our home or some other place we choose (like the church) and we are in charge of buying the prizes which are paid for by a donation from each player. (We give $1-$5 at each game, depending on how we feel led or what's in our!) Each player brings some food, usually something savory or sweet and finger foods are best.
We set up three tables (4 players each) with three dice on a table. Note the bell and the rubber chicken on the table. This is "table one."
Each player rolls the dice, trying to score points by rolling the number that concides with the round we are playing. (First time, we try for 1's.) When "table one" reaches 21 points they ring the bell to stop the round.
After each round, we switch tables (point losers move to the next table and winners stay but switch partners). Table one losers move to table two and so on. Then we try to roll the next number (2's). A "Bunco" is when you roll all three of the numbers you are trying to get. This earns you 5 points.
The rubber chicken is the best part. Her name is Henrietta and she is the "Chickie." A chickie is any time during the game that you roll all three dice and get all 2's. The roller screams (and I mean screams) "CHICKIE!" and runs to grab Henrietta. Ususally we give her a good squeeze to make her scream too. Whoever still has the rubber chicken at the end of the night wins the chickie prize, so it's lots of fun to steal her away from someone else.

It sounds crazy and possibly boring, and I guess it could be if all you have is boring players. But that's not the case with us. It's fun to cut-up and laugh and eat and enjoy each other's company.

And afterwards, it's good to rest from a full night of loud and crazy fun.


annette and matt said...

haha sounds like lots of fun! Looks like you girls wore maggie out!

MrsCatherine said...


You outdid yourself and us all in hostessing! You truly thought of everything. I need to mention that the cute dice cakes and cheese ball/cube were all made by you!!! Cute...Cute...CUTE!

On a personal note...

Your home was so welcoming and how at home we all felt - just wonderful! I love the thought and obvious love you have put into your home. It shows so much about you and Brent.

Thank you for having us all there. I can't imagine Bunco without you!

And Teresa?

Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning to find me on your porch drinking a cup of coffee! The view y'all have is incredible!

Love you dearly!!!

xoxo Cat

Tipper said...

It all sounds like a lot of fun! Good times with friends usually are.

Judy said...

That cake and cheese ball is amazing. Sounds like you all have a ball playing bunco! That is wonderful when good friends get together and have fun. I love the cat. It has its paw over its face. That is so funny. I could see your beautiful cabinets in the background of the picture. I love those cabinets!