Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The fishing is fine

On the last day of our vacation ( a couple weeks ago), we laid around the house taking is easy.

Then Hubby said, "Let's just go fishing."

Hubby headed down to the cabin and caught a Mason jar full of big, brown crickets. He loaded up the poles. He packed the cooler with drinks.

Daughter grabbed some snack cakes "just in case."

I pretended to want to go fishing instead of crochet.

We headed down to the "ole mill dam". Around here that's this place. It usually has a steady stream of fishermen and occasionally children who busy themselves with creek rocks and ducks.
Our poles fitted with crickets or red worms, we fished above the dam for a couple of hours. Just nibbles.

So they got smart and fished next to the dam. (Actually, it didn't feel smart when I thought about someone making a false move!)
But it started to pay off.

A few bass, a few bluegill, and a couple of red-eye. I saw a huge gar that was a long as my arm swimming closer to the other side, but I just admired and let him swim!

I was glad that big turtle didn't grab onto the lines. It would've pulled them right off there!

Once dusk set in, we hated to stop. It was just getting good.

One old timer pulled up in his car, fished for 30 minutes, then left. He held up his big bass and small bluegill to be admired before he tossed them into the boot like I do the groceries.

"Supper's caught," he said with a grin before he drove away.

It was a good ending to a good week.

I let the last two crickets loose.


Marci said...

Looks like a fun day, Teresa!!

Judy said...

This reminds me of my days on the fork when we would go down to Caney Bridge in Gravel Switch. I think the fun things in life are free. Nothing better than a day of fishing!