Monday, August 11, 2008

Loved by our neighbor

On Friday afternoon, I walked through the kitchen and spotted something on the porch table. Had the UPS guy delivered something?

No, it was a brown grocery bag. What could it be? I hadn't heard anyone drive up to the house! Wait a minute! I remembered a conversation that happened between Hubby and one of our neighbors. She is 90 years old, a widow, cooks and heats her house with wood, and only has a hand pump for water. Hubby asked her if she ever makes rhubarb pie. He said he missed having one.
OH MY! I called Hubby right away. "She must've walked here! It's uphill for almost a 1/2 mile! It's the prettiest pie I've ever seen. She must have baked it in the wood oven too!"
I had never had rhubarb pie before. It's wonderful. I'd describe the taste as a mixture between tart cherry and sweet pineapple. Oh, and the crust is to die for! Hubby says he likes it best with some cheap vanilla ice cream. I don't know. I think I could just eat it like it is with plenty of milk.

I consider good neighbors and homemade pie baked with love to be big blessings, so I've linked to Marci's "Count Your Blessings Monday" for this post. You can follow the link to see what she and others are counting as blessings today.


Louise said...

What a precious neighbor you have.
She must love you a lot. I truly like rhubarb ... pies, cobblers, or fresh picked with salt sprinkled on it. Have some growing in our back yard.
Have a blessed day.

Marci said...

Bless her heart. What a sweet and wonderful thing to do. The pie is beautiful and it is one of my husband's favorite!!!

Thanks for taking part!!

Judy said...

When I was a kid my mother used to make these pies. They were so good. This really brought back some memories to me of my childhood. What a great neighbor you have.

Margie's Musings said...

What a wonderful neighbor!

Bob's Aunt Osie used to make wonderful rhubarb pie. I have made it once but it was nothing like hers.

Your neighbor is truly precious.

Catherine Seiberling Pond said...

Teresa! I can't believe this--I mean, I can believe the generosity of your lovely neighbor, but that "hubby" likes rhubarb pie! It is my husband's favorite, too. I've brought some rhubarb down with me to plant but have been asking people how it does here--apparently mixed success. It is also called "pie plant" and I'm going to hopefully transplant some of the offspring from my grandparents' large patch in New Hampshire.

It is delicious.


The Tile Lady said...

How sweet! And the pie looks delicious! Oh, to think she uses a wood stove. I truly wish I could get back to basics like that! It's marvelous that some people still have that capability, though, bless her heart, that has to be such hard work for her!