Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blogger Under Construction

I apologize if my page takes too long to load (speak up if it does!) but now that I'm back into blogging, I'm trying to revamp my site. I'm completely ignorant about how to put my own backgrounds and the type of header I'd like onto my page. This is why I have one big photo in the right of my header. I'm also going to work on labeling my posts in a more clear way. Unless something very interesting happens soon (and it probably will with all the events in this area during the Fall) I'll not be posting but working on my site. If you have any suggestions or advice, I'd sure appreciate it!

I will say some of the sites I think are beautiful are Marci's, Cat's, and Gina's to name just a few. (There are many more but I'm not a computer genius.)

Love to all my blogging friends,


Judy said...

Teresa, I had no trouble loading your site and I love that picture the way it is at the top. I feel like I stepped right into it and was traveling down that gravel road. Mostly, it is just trial and error until you get it the way you want it. Hope you are having a great fall. The weather is so beautiful here but we are so dry.

Amrita said...

Howdy, Lady of the woods, Teresa,

Welcome to my world. So happy you came by.

My purpose for blogging is to show what life in India is like for a Christian and also make friends and encourage people to pray for us.

I enjoyed surfing thru your posts, your family photos and the crafts and music. They are very interesting. I like your profile too.

Wishing you all the best for your blog build-up.It took me a long time to get mine going. Got help from blog friends.

Marci said...

Teresa, it loaded up just fine for me. I LOVE the picture on this post. My kind of view!!!

Louise said...

It loaded great and I like the new look, especially the photo at the top. Kentucky is beautiful, isn't it? My birth-place still holds a bit of my heart.