Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blogging Awards

I'm very late about posting these, but I do want to acknowledge the WONDERFUL women who sent me "awards" in the blogosphere:

Please visit their blogs and explore why I think so highly of them!

Thank you so very much, ladies, for the encouragement and honor. I'm so blessed to have you as my blogging friends!

Now, this brings up the subject of blogging awards. Now before I give an account of my own personal thoughts on this matter, please keep in mind that in no way do I judge those who do participate in awards. I think they are a beautiful way to encourage and honor bloggers who have brightened your day or inspire you. The problem I have is within myself and in no way reflects on anyone else.

The reason I've been so long in deciding what to do about getting these awards is this: I used to covet these type of awards. When I first started blogging (before any of the posts on this blog) I would see the awards in the sidebar of others and wonder what I had to do to get one. I saw many of my favorite blogs giving out and receiving these awards constantly, but it was never to me - even though I was on their blogrolls. I became discouraged.

I added a counter, because I hoped that perhaps I was getting many vistors that I didn't know about. As the numbers proved I was right, I became preoccupied with who had visited (counter sites often tell you who visited, how often they visited and for how long.) Finally, I realized that this too was a flaw in myself and my Christian walk. I am not to covet or to want to be "seen in the streets." I took off the counter and started hoping that I would never receive an award.

Later, I became concerned with my obsession with blogging in general. I decided to delete all my posts, (I did print them out first and put them in a binder) and started journaling in a notebook instead. But, I missed the ease of adding digital photos. And I missed the fellowship.

Once I got to a controlled, non-covetous place in my soul, I began blogging again. No counter. Mindful to not be posting when there were more pressing things to be done around the house. Not wanting any awards.

But when you quit trying... ladybugs, lots and lots of ladybugs! (sorry, Tuscan Sun moment)

At first, I was paralyzed by receiving an award! Do I reject it? Do I ignore it? No, I can't do that, because I count the givers as a long-distance friends. So they sat in my "comments to be moderated" box.

My mistake is the reason I'm posting this: I had not made a conscious decision about what to do beforehand; I hadn't prepared myself for what to do if ever I did receive an award. And I hadn't posted anywhere on my blog about not wanting awards, so how would anyone know?

I want to thank the ladies who gave me these warm hugs but I'm sure that none of them would want me going on and on with this struggle in my head. I was sure I wanted to acknowledge the encouragement, but once I start accepting awards and giving awards it will become too easy to fall into old ways. And those awards look so pretty lined up in the sidebar, it would just be something that would be in the back of my mind...and I don't want to get prideful ever!

Therefore (drumroll and sighs of "finally") I must graciously decline any awards and not be a part of spreading them along. I cannot see others hearts and would never want to discourage another by choosing one over another when passing along awards. I keep such a short blogroll that if you are on my blogroll it means you are the best of the best in my book anyway! It means either I read your own blog nearly everyday or I find your blog informative and insightful or encouraging. It means you have made a difference in my life or in my thinking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Judy said...

Teresa, First of all I think your new layout is beautiful and I am so glad you have a picture of your new home in the sidebar. I never thought a thing about the award. I always try to say "should you decide to participate" and I totally understand anyone that does not want to do the award thing. I feel your blog should be something that reflects your feelings and what you decide to share or not share is totally up to you. I feel priviledged to be one of your blogging friends.

The Tile Lady said...

Dear sweet friend--I am in no way offended by your desire to not receive and pass on awards. I had to just laugh at the ladybugs comment! Yes, when you aren't trying so hard--here they come! I just loved that little part of Tuscan Sun! I fortunately have been given "time on my hands" right now to enjoy blogging.....but that isn't always going to be the case. There will come a time when it may be a whole week since I last checked my blog (and if you have visited, you know I have a list a mile long of blogs I enjoy!) so visiting my new friends every day is going to become impossible. But, for right now, I have jumped in with both feet and in way of sharing with my Mom, who will continue to have lots of time (as long as Dad remains ill and at home), blogging has become a HUGE part of our days! I don't like it when the computer inteferes with daily life, and it can. But, blogging is such a fun way to share and for some is a daily need and love, and for others has to be a less frequent activity. Priorities are important. We must put God, our families, and our neighbors and those in need before our fun times....we can HAVR fun, that's for sure. But, first things first! I'm glad you are happy with the arrival of these ladybugs, but hey, no big deal if you would rather not be part of that aspect of blogging.... Take care, and God bless!

Catherine said...

Hi Teresa--I haven't logged on in a while! This award thing--I know what you mean and frankly my ego is too obliviously to them. I know I've seen them and have often wondered where they come from, who generates them. I guess I get gratification in my comments from readers and the occasional connection made on the blog from people who email or find me. I see my blog as an on-line journal and scrapbook, perhaps more edited than a journal intended for only myself. But now that I'm so far away from "my familiar" and in a new world, I find the blog is a comfort and powerful connection before--one that I had not anticipated.

I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging as your insights are so great and refreshing in a weary world.


A said...

Good initiative, liked your blog!