Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Crocheted Christmas

I've been thinking about Christmas all summer long. Christmas? Yes, if you are giving crocheted gifts you'd better be thinking about it now if not yesterday!

Here is an afghan I just finished (and was one of my August goals.) It is called Holly and Ivy. It wasn't very hard at all. Here's a close-up of the design. Admittedly, I'm still a novice/intermediate crochet-er (is that a word?). It would be much prettier if done by a skilled hand. I still have trouble with the gauge of things.
You can find the free pattern HERE. Thank you so much, Kimberly, for sharing it!

My next project is another baby doll like the one in this post. You can find the pattern for that HERE. If you try this doll, you need to add a "sc" in rnd 4 of the shoes where it says to "sc in next 7 sc" the second time. I think. It was the only way it would come out right for me.

After the doll, I plan to do more afghans.

On a weird, non-related note, I was stung in the right palm by a scorpion yesterday. Ya know, those things look so scary, but the sting was only as bad as a wasp's for the first few minutes but they don't hurt at all after the stinging goes away (about 10 minutes.) A wasp sting is worse because they just keep aching and then itching long after you were stung. Poor scorpion was flatter than a pancake in less than 5 seconds flat. He had hidden on the side of a long-forgotten book from a stack that I just decided to pick up yesterday. I've noticed that scorpions tend to show up more in areas that have been disturbed recently. We saw our first here just after we moved into our newly constructed home. Now, a road crew is working just to the back of the house and I'd say that's what has them heading for more peaceful hiding places. Just my opinion and experience. The only other one in the wild that I ever saw was when I was four years old (yes, I remember it) and my parent's had just built a new home too. I remember it because it was in the old outhouse that had been knocked down and I was terrified at the thought of what would've happened if someone had sat on him! Ah, I love the country life!

Btw, the Penn's Store Outhouse Blow-Out is this Saturday. If you are a local (or kinda close) then you should go!

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The Tile Lady said...

LOVE your afghan! What a lovely thing for someone to receive this Christmas! As for the scorpion, I am assuming what stung you was the blackish eastern variety....the ones out west are a little scarier (though still not a real danger to adults)and especially dangerous to small children and old people. Our daughter moved into a house VERY briefly that was infested with them when my grandson was only 2, and when she found one in his crib, they vacated the premises!