Sunday, October 05, 2008

Apple Festival 2008

Every last full week of September is the Casey County Apple Festival. Each year school is cancelled on Thursday and Friday, then for 3 days the downtown streets are blocked off. Crowds gather to browse vendor tents, enjoy deep-fried snack cakes, and enter raffles (mostly for guns.) The big event is the serving of the world's largest annual apple pie on Saturday at noon.

We attended on Friday evening, the day of the parade. Our friend graciously invited us to view the event from her front porch. It was a perfect setting, with chairs for the adults and a yard for the kids to stand in and shout to the floats, "Throw us some candy!" I guess they were simply gathering up energy here:
I must admit, something came over me this year. I realized what a wonderful place I live in that floats can proclaim Christ without fear of any protests:
And that small-town America is still alive with the ideals of freedom:
And the two are one and the same:
What farm girl wouldn't want a pink tractor!
Many floats were full of local children making memories. I reminisced back to when I rode on my school float 33 years ago. (I must find that picture!)

There were lots of classic cars and a few not so classic:This one was my favorite. It's by the senior citizens group and said on the back, "No old crows allowed!" Notice they are all holding a wooden crow!
It rained a little bit but that didn't dampen the spirits of the parade:

Hope you enjoyed it too!


Judy said...

Teresa, Thanks so much for the tour. I know it was a great time for I have been there in the past and enjoyed every minute. I love small town America!

The Tile Lady said...

What a wonderful grass-roots America parade! The festival looks like it is so much fun! I love the way God and Country were so wonderfully represented! And that pink tractor--how cute!

Louise said...

You are indeed blessed to live where you do my friend. If I'm not mistaken my Mom lived in Casey, KY at one time. Beautiful area.