Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bear Wallow Farm

On the first Sunday of this October, we gathered with some friends to visit Bear Wallow Farm.
First, we "wow'ed" over the big pumpkin. It holds the state record.

Then we went in to visit the petting zoo.
Let me tell you something... (visions of a Jim Carrey character just popped into my head. ack!)

Have you ever watched "Jurrasic Park" and cringed at the raptors? Remember how they had this strange clicking growl that came from their chest/throat as they were hunting the people? Remember how their talons looked as if they could gut someone in 3 seconds flat? Remember that creepy "I'd like to get at you...." look they had in their eyes? Evidently they used emus as their inspiration!

I wasn't scared. Nope. I just backed away slowly....
There were several animals, rabbits, chickens, turkey, sheep, goats, and some buffalo!

There is an old "homestead" that was set-up so wonderfully. With just two rooms, a kitchen and bedroom, all the necessities were there. Well, then the outhouse was just down the hill. So were the chicken coop and a smoke house. The doors to the house were locked, but the windows were minus the glass so we could stick our heads in like a good nosey neighbor. And that's just what we did.

Then we loaded up for a hayride...without any scratchy hay. There were benches in the wagon which was then pulled by orange tractors.

We traveled out to the pumpkin patch. The ground was powdery, evidence of our drought.

Decisions, decisions....

When we arrived back, some of us (the kids-old and young) ventured around in the corn maze.

Here is a photo of last year's maze: Then we all went to back our friend's house. She had chili and cornbread and homemade mac-and-cheese and hot dogs (which the kids gobbled up. Let me just say my Hubby had two, covered with chili.) Apple crisp and homemade whipped cream for dessert. Apple cider and coffee to drink. YUM, YUM!

After the meal, the adults sat around with full tummies and talked into the night. The kids would have none of that. There was hide-n-seek to play in the dark!


Amrita said...

Wow the pumpkin and corn maze is something to experience.

Indian is an open air zoo. You can find animals everywhere, even in the cities, so you don 't need a petting zoo.

There are lots of stray cows and dogs running around which are a nuisance.

That food sounds great.

John said...

That pumpkin is awesome! How much does it weigh? I'd like to try growing big pumpkins some day.

The Tile Lady said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your sharing your visit to Bear Wallow Farm! What a wonderful day it must have been for adults and children alike! Wow, that pumpkin is something! And the corn maze looks fantastic! And the FOOD! Yum! Just a perfect day....

And great writing. It was fun to read!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

The sign that accompanied the pumpkin said it weighed 1,216.5 pounds. Yep, a BIG pumpkin.