Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Color Hike

The second Saturday of October:
We planned the day to include a hike and a festival. As we were driving to the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge, we spotted a doe and her twins... As a child, I always remembered passing the refuge on the way to my Granny's house. There used to be a stinky pig farm nearby. I still remember the smell. But there is no evidence of it now.

Our guide, Rob Pendergraft, gives a short talk at the beginning of the hike.
One of several ponds, called "Island Pond." The downed trees on the left were on the "island."

Raccoons and skunks love to raid yellow-jackets' nests for the larve. This was the new thing I learned. I always thought the yellow-jackets simply moved their nests. Now I know why! Yellow jackets have been especially annoying this year. Here is a photo of one of the many raided and abandoned nests along the trail.
There was a good group, including several children and a pregnant woman! The hike took two hours, up and down the wooded hills and ridges.

The refuge was very nice, having good trails and wooden bridges over creek-beds.
After the hike, we headed over to the annual Forkland Festival. Part of the reason I wanted to take the hike was to get ahead of the butterfly fries I knew I would be eating later!


tipper said...

What a fun hike! I didn't know the yellow jacket thing either-very interesting that they are forced to move often.

Judy said...

This looks like so much fun. I worked with Robby Pendygraft in Danville years ago when I worked in the food stamp office there. He was also my girls seventh grade teacher at Boyle Co. We have been friends for years. I heard he and his wife had moved back to the Wildlife refuge.

The Tile Lady said...

Wonderful post! It looks like a great day you guys had on the trail, and boy I envy you! There's nothing I like better than a hike in the woods, especially if you have a good trail guide, and it sounds like you sure did!