Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Forkland Festival

After the Fall Color Hike, we went to the Forkland Festival. I try not to miss this annual event.

Every year, the local scouts camp overnight and then have a demonstration/obstacle course for the kids to participate in. Wood crafts for sale...
Cooking down sorghum molassas...
Look at these funny ducks, with their hair pieces! I'd have to name one of them "Donald Duck Trump." There were petting zoos and every type of chicken on display. All my photos of them turned out badly, but they were so interesting. Like these ducks...
This is the first year that I've seen Turtle-Man here. He lives in the next county over. I must say, he's become somewhat of a phenomenon lately, appearing on t.v. and youtube. Check out his site for a typical video of Turtle-Man in action. What can I say, he is what he is and he seems joyful about his niche in this life. We should all approach our lives with such abandon!
Every year, a teepee with a Native decendent and wares for sale. Also a working blacksmith and big toys for the guys.
Booths show old-time skills. Here a man is caning the seat of a chair.
Some old-time produce. That's tobacco-twists on the board.

Next to the school is a log-cabin that's been rebuilt. My mom got married in front of this cabin 9 years ago. You can see the school (brick building) in the background and the gym (gray stone). My sister got married in front of the gym 14 years ago. I should find those photos to post.
Inside the cabin: a large cooking fireplace, a couple of chairs, a bed, a cupboard, and a small table. It was cozy yet spacious, void of clutter. Click on this photo to enlarge it. That way you can see all the markings on this powder horn. See the Native at the top, running away with a scalp?
Revolutionary camp, complete with a King George stung up! Two "living historians" would sware you in as citizens of the "new" free United States.
Inside the school building, every year this room has an arrowhead display and the display of local wildlife, not so alive anymore. Hubby and I had first intended to marry in this room, for a Christmas wedding with the mural as the backdrop. That didn't happen though because we couldn't wait. lol! I've often thought of having a vow-renewal here though. We'd have to move out the stuffed animals. Maybe...
In the gym, the bean supper is served on Friday and Saturday night, with a play on the stage.
A turn to the left leads you down to the craft room, where there were gourds, crocheted items, aprons, handbags, and children's crafts for sale and viewing. You can also vote for your favorite photographs of the area, in the photo contest for the "people's choice" award. Winners are put into next year's calendar.
In the school basement is the art room. This is where daughter and I take weekly lessons.
Here is our teacher, Marjory! She's just about the sweetest lady I know. She's 86 and has been teaching art for 32 years.
Here is the genealogy room. My mom's family has a nice picture board on the wall.
The festival took us four hours, to walk around and see everything, have those butterfly fries and dried apple pies to eat, and enjoy the live music.

It always brings back memories for me, and I have to take the road that passes my Pappaw and Granny's old place (even though it's burned down now.) I snapped photos of the beautiful scenery and sighed with contentment.

And this one is for Judy! Y'know... I do believe I saw a "for sale" sign in the yard to the right....

I hope you enjoyed this little trip!


Marci said...

You find the neatest things to go to. Loved that turtle video. =)

Rachel said...

Interesting! I never saw the turtle man before. I guess he eats the turtles?? I had to laugh at the Donald Trump ducks!

tipper said...

Looks like fun! Loved the turtle man.

Amrita said...

Lovely photos.

We make molasses with sugarcane or dates.

I like the turkey hen video.

The Tile Lady said...

Wonderful festival! Wow, it looks like it would be so interesting! I'd love to go! Thanks for sharing the info about it too. How neat your Mom got married in front of the cabin!

Judy said...

Teresa, Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of the festival. It was like taking a trip back in time for me to see all the people and stuff. Marjory looks the same! The store looks great with all the flowers and pumpkins on the porch. Brings back so many memories for me. Thanks again. I am going to send this to all my children so they can see it, too.

DayPhoto said...

I am SO GLAD I found you. I came by way of the Tile Lady!

What a great place you live in, I would like to live there.

I plan on stopping by often.


If you come to visit me please copy and paste the above link. The DayPhoto one takes you to the schools and it is monitored.


Leigh said...

Hi Teresa,

I am Judy's daughter, Leigh. Thank you so much for posting pictures of the store and of the festival. I took art lessons in that very room! I can't believe the memories those pictures bring back. Living on the Fork was a highlight of my childhood. I can still see my mother sitting behind the counter at the store and Anne and I begging her for one more candy bar, while all the regulars sat around and talked. It was such a great time!
Thanks so much!


Anne and Leigh said...

Hello Teresa, I am one of Judy's daughters. Thank you so much for the wonderful trip down memory lane. It brought tears to my eyes to see the store. Such a wonderful place to grow up. I loved seeing th pics of the fesival, I always enjoyed going as a child! Thanks again!