Friday, October 10, 2008

Gone fishin'

Yummy! Look what we caught last night! These are from a local pond. I was surprised to find there were even fish in the pond, due to the droughts over the last two years. I believe the moss growing in the pond may have helped with the oxygen supply while other ponds de-oxidized, killing many pond fish.

4 wide-mouth bass from 12-14 inches, a small-mouth, and a bluegill. But, I will say that cleaning them was no picnic. I hadn't cleaned a fish since I was 12 years old.

Olive watched with trembly-excitement. We gave her some of the scraps. She enjoyed that tremendously. She also enjoyed the attention that daughter was giving her so late at night. As you can see, Daughter decided that Olive was cold and needed a "blanket." A few minutes later, Olive became "Super-Dog!"


Judy said...

Hi Teresa, That dog is so cute wrapped in the towel. She does look like superdog! I love to fish and they taste so good if you caught them yourself. What a great catch you made. I know you all are having so much fun with all of the festivals. I thought I might be able to get to Forkland this year but it seems out of the question. I know it starts today. Have a great weekend.

The Tile Lady said...

Wonderful catch of fish! Wow! I bet they tasted great, too!

Teresa, I am so happy you sent your photo to the TV station and they displayed it on the air! Wonderful! I'm so glad my comment was an encouragement!