Friday, October 10, 2008

Graded Goals

A little note on my monthly goal progress:

As you may have noticed, I keep the current month near the top of my sidebar. This is so I will see them every time I pull up my blog page, reminding me of what my goals are. It's like having them taped on the bathroom mirror, only more effective for me.

I've also pledged this month to NOT blog or look at other blogs until I have done something toward accomplishing at least one of those goals. Just a little added incentive.

And, (I wish I had thought of this sooner), I've started giving myself a weekly grade on each goal until they are completed. A+ means I'm ahead of my end-of-the-month deadline. F means I haven't done a thing toward that goal yet. C means I'm making effort.

So, if you don't see me around, it's because I've "grounded" myself! LOL!


The Tile Lady said...

I always manage to get discouraged when I make goals for myself, because they seldom are realized. But I should take heed to your wonderful example...and I love the grading system you are doing! I do have one goal I am working on. I will be doing a post about its completion next month some time late in the month. I have to finish the quilt I am making my grandson in plenty of time for his birthday! I have been working hard on it especially in the last four months. Yesterday we did some "transplanting" and the three things I moved were kind've large, one especially heavy, and it wore me out! But that had been nagging at me about Mom's flower beds for a while, so I guess I can say "Accomplished!" and chalk that one up!

Louise said...

You've given me inspiration my friend. Thank you!

Rachel said...

I am behind on blog reading because I have been trying to get some needful things done. I like your way of grounding yourself! I might have to try that! TN said...

I have never heard of gounding one's self. Not a bad idea. I've been working hard this week. It's like I had a burst of energy. I gave the full moon (and the Lord above) credit.