Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knifty Knitter

Apologies for my lack of knowledge in photo editing, because I know this orange is terribly hard on the eyes as it shows up in the picture! It's really not radioactive, but hunter's orange. I was recently introduced to using a knitting loom. This is a perfect way for beginner's and children to break into knitting (I think.) I would suggest that you borrow a knitting loom before investing in one, to see if you like the process. I borrowed the round loom from the local homemaker's crafting class. The long loom is borrowed from a friend who has made blue-ribbon shawls with it. I will say that I've never known the Red Heart yarn to feel so soft in a finished project.

This camo and orange tomboggan and scarf will go to my daughter so she'll stay warm when she goes hunting with her daddy!


Louise said...

I think this would go faster than what I'm doing. I'm teaching myself with two knitting needles. So far I'm gettin' really good at making dish cloths, but not much else.

My friend, in your response to my Question post, you mentioned you'd like to have books for your bookshelves. If I might ask, which ones? I have books that I've read and might be willing to part with if you can use them. In interested, please let me know.

Have a wonder-filled day dear one.
Blessing to you & yours,

tipper said...

Neat idea! I've seen a lady at the girls clogging practices carrying one of those around and working on hats each week to get ready for Christmas.

The Tile Lady said...

These are so neat! When my daughter was small we bought her a little plastic weaving loom that she only used till the novelty wore off....I wonder if we still have it....

Great hat and scarf....will keep your daughter warm (AND safe ) while she's out hunting with Dad!

Amrita said...

That 's lovely dear lady